Creating content is quite possibly my greatest JOY!!! Immersing myself in the arts has always been my happy place. Writing, performing and creating challenges me in a way that nothing else does. It’s the one place where I feel like I’m still learning, still growing, still exploring and that’s really difficult to find when you’re my age and have been doing the same professional work for almost 2 decades. Here’s to longevity and joyfulness in the arts!!! When you can check out my latest project - The New York Effect. I co-created, co-wrote and assistant directed this webseries with my wonderful partner @juanlegend0121. So proud of this project! Hope you love it as much as we do!!! #thenewyorkeffectwebseries   #PoetOnTheRun   #WritersLife   #DirectorsLife   #PoetOnTheRun   #JoyfulJuly   #DontEfWitgMyJoy   #Day4   #LinkInBio  

More color screenshots from The New York Effect Webseries (search on YouTube for the page) I shot. First still took place in the subway. Again, I had no lights, so I used the fluorescents agains the wall to light the actor. Worked perfectly for the contrast ratio I was hoping for (and got). I upped the green coming from the lights to give it a seedier feel, as this scene was a pick up for sex. Second still was from one of the more higher produced lighting setups we used. Club setting with drugs involved. Fairly simple setup: keylight with red gel, edgelight with blue gel, and a spinning party light that shot out these little green lines. The tinsel background was a nice little touch by the production designer. It gave me some depth and made the photo studio we rented for this scene look like an actual club #nyc   #webseries   #thenewyorkeffect   #thenewyorkeffectwebseries   #filmmaking   #filmmakers   #cinematographer   #cinematography   #directorofphotography   #lightandshadow   #lbgtq   #fujiframez   #colors   #lighting   #dating   #gels   #red   #blue   #subway   #green  

More screenshots from the webseries, The New York Effect, I shot (which can be found on YouTube). We had no money for this webseries. Like, literally, no money. And I’m not using literally in the arbitrary sense that the kids do these days. The budget was tied up in cast/crew payments and necessary locations. I had a lighting package that I brought with me on interior scenes, but external scenes were take what you could get for exposure. Since there were no lights for street scenes, I had to use whatever lights NYC had to offer me. The first shot was illuminated by a single building light that I managed to get exposure from by shooting wide open (2.8) and using the building lights from across the street for depth. The second two were lit solely by a fluorescent coming from the front of a bodega. Also shot them wide open @ 2.8. The light seemed to have a bit of a greenish shift coming out of it, but I was ok with that. I wanted both scenes to be a little gritty and represent what you’d find on the street at night in NYC; or, at least, what you used to find emanating from street lights in NYC. Now it’s all LEDs #nyc   #webseries   #thenewyorkeffect   #thenewyorkeffectwebseries   #filmmaking   #filmmakers   #cinematographer   #cinematography   #directorofphotography   #lightandshadow   #lbgtq   #fujiframez   #colors   #lighting   #dating   #streetlights   #colortemperature   #nycstreets   #streetsofnyc  

For the last 10 months or so, I worked as DP/Editor on a very unique webseries focusing on LGBTQ characters on NYC, called The New York Effect. Four out of the six episodes from the first season are out now, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots. This one (from Ep. 3) takes place in a club/bar setting that was really a photo studio that we outfitted to look Ike a club/bar. For this scene, I had an LED panel light with CTB gel on camera right and a medium sized china ball hanging from above. Beneath the actors face, lined across the edge of the “bar”, there was an LED light strip that slowly faded from one color to another. It gave the shot a little something more club-like than just the static lights. I love using colors and I incorporated as many as possible throughout the series. More stills to come #nyc   #webseries   #thenewyorkeffect   #thenewyorkeffectwebseries   #filmmaking   #filmmakers   #cinematographer   #cinematography   #directorofphotography   #lightandshadow   #chinaball   #lbgtq   #fujiframez   #colors   #lighting   #dating