Quick question to some of our lovely chefs - I only have self raising flour but I do have eggs, can I still make edible Yorkshire puds for Sunday lunch?

Yesterday Raja singh kept three vehicles at the disposal of his constituency Goshamahal for patients who want to go to hospital. A very positive move which should be emulated by other MLA'S.

Look at these smiling faces! for sharing! pattern fun!#writing#math#learning in the comforts of home!馃挄

does anyone know how to mass unfollow people on instagram? or mass mute. I need to recalibrate.

Very best wishes Professor Whitty for a speedy recovery. You and the team are doing an amazing job

Big thanks to several businesses and citizens who supplied our base with food donations. Also the local businesses who are offering discounts or free coffee to First Responders. These small gestures are amazing and very very appreciated.

Sports apparel maker Fanatics' plant is usually rolling out MLB jerseys at this time of year, but on Thursday the retailer and MLB have halted production of baseball jerseys to begin making safety masks and gowns for healthcare workers.

Thanks to everyone who supported the NHS this evening - huge morale boost for us all during these challenging times

After months and years of division how amazing to hear the unity

This man鈥檚 wife was saved by the ER of the Morristown Medical Center, in NJ. He stood there w this sign until the workers inside saw it. And he was able to share his gratitude :) Courtesy: Paige Van Der Vliet

thank u nurses and hospital staff across the nation - we are eternally indebted to u all

#RESNstrong#superheroday#@JanZenobi My niece Stephanie and I

There are many who can鈥檛 work from home doctors, healthcare staff, police, civil defense, banking etc.. Thank them, from here on stop trolling them, they are risking their life for us. Sincere thanks to all such good souls who is spinning around to keep us safe!

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