SPREAD FUCKING FEAR IN AND EVERYONE WILL THINK IT'S NORMAL IN THIS FAILED STATE!!! 24 Thais from abroad warned their names will be published if they do not contact the authorities

IMPORTANT: It’s a public holiday in today and so all government offices, including Immigration, are closed. So don’t try and extend your visa today! They will re-open tomorrow

We are into of our restrictive movement and in support of initiative to slow down the spread of in . We have a 13-year-old who has not breached the 10-meter perimeter set by his mom. We live in a cul-de-sac and so he plays badminton in front of

IMPORTANT: Ministry of Interior has sent this urgent fax to all governors in to prepare for the next level. This will involve preparing local quarantine centers & telling people to stay in their home & not travel. Thai media are speculating this means 24hr curfew soon.

This is so good to see. A government spokeswoman tweeted to say that the PM asked the Ministry of Social Development to launch the “We won’t leave anyone behind” project to help the homeless & unemployed by giving them a free place to stay & three meals per day

If you do go outside to buy essentials, please buy some food and water for the homeless, your unemployed neighbor, or the elderly who may live alone. We are all in this together. Please do what you can but do stay safe! – at สถานีรถไฟกรุงเทพ (หัวลำโพง) Bangkok Railway Station SRT1001

If you booked a train ticket like I did at the station, you then need to go there to get a refund. Don’t forget to take your passport, mask and hand gel. According to Google Maps, Bangkok Railway Station is only a 30 minute journey from my home. See you soon!

Can I also add that these repatriation flights are NOT free. They are very expensive as they have to fly here empty. When you’re in a foreign land it’s not easy to get the news & support that you need. It’s hard enough for us expats. Please have some empathy

As much as I want to support my local market in Paknam, I think I will stick with my local Tesco Lotus or Big C. When I went to Tesco on Friday there was hardly anyone there and the shelves were fully stocked. Much safer and convenient

Life, keep on smiling, keep on moving - Can’t stand still. To our amazing supporters, our teams on the ground in and would like to thank you for your support during this challenging time...

For Phuket Immigration, they wanted to emphasize that there is now a QR Code queuing system. Just download the app & then wait outside at a place that’s not crowded. For Samut Prakan, they asked about my experience yesterday & I said social distancing was good [2/3]

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission announced that mobile users can register for 10 GB of free internet data, starting from 10 - 30 April 2020. The users have to dial *170* and then follow by the 13 digits of ID card, and then call out.

Camposcia Retusa aka Spider Decorator Crab. Shot this in during a night dive.

A baby is seen in a wearing a protective face shield during the disease (COVID-19) in , , April 2, 2020. Handout via REUTERS.

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