What happens next is that the visa amnesty signed by the PM has to be published in the Royal Gazette before it becomes law. I am told this could be as early as today if not tomorrow. So, please wait for official announcement. But we are nearly there!

Good news at last! The prime minister has now signed the visa amnesty document. I’m told the Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau has just briefed all police officers on this. Hopefully there will be an official statement very soon

After fleeing persecution in Burma. . Muslim women refugees in complain of exploitation and rape in prisons, knowing that they have been in this prison since 2015 in very poor and inhumane conditions:

My question is, where is the Ministry of Tourism & the Tourism Authority of Thailand? They seem to be strangely quiet. For years they heavily promoted as a tourist destination & the country greatly benefited from it. Why abandon the tourists now? Don’t you have a duty?

Just to reiterate what I said last night, the Thai Immigration Bureau has already drafted a new law to grant automatic extension of stay to all foreigners. But it’s being delayed by bureaucracy. They tell me it will be implemented as soon as the PM signs it

MADNESS!! An absolutely crazy scene at a temporary Immigration office on Koh Phangan this morning as about 500 foreign tourists & expats lined up desperate to extend their stay & pay overstay fines. Why does the Thai government force foreigners to do like this?

Thairath front page: Prayuth’s cabinet put 2 trillion baht to deal w/ , using curfew as an excuse to kill a monk, infected no. daily down to 38, govt will spend 801 million buying masks, Yaowarat quiet, lock down

A spokesperson for the US embassy in confirmed the US did not divert a shipment of bound for from an airport in , as was falsely claimed by Berlin’s Senator of the Interior, Andreas Geisel.

My favorite park in Samut Prakan is Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden in Bang Kachao, Phra Pradaeng District. Very popular with cyclists and nature watchers and visitors from nearby Bangkok

The train service in has been reduced dramatically over the last few weeks. They have gone from 236 trains to only 52. The State Railway of Thailand has sent me the timetable of the new service from 8 April onwards. ✅ Northern Line & Northeastern Line

The Immigration Bureau has already approved the proposal to offer automatic extension of stay to foreigners in . They are waiting to implement it but they cannot do anything until it has been signed by the PM. They understand your anger & ask you to be patient. THREAD >>

I just got off the phone with another Immigration official. So, it looks like the photos that I tweeted of long queues have caught the attention of the right people. They wanted me to share with you some details about the automatic extensions coming soon. Please standby

A 1.9 trillion baht loan has been approved to combat among others. Well, fuck me, I can see my future grandchildren in debt before they are even conceived. Goodluck to all Thais. A hard 20 years ahead.

Day old baby wearing mask in hospital in Bangkok to protect him from infection.

is definitely one of the most Non-toxic couple in BL universe, no awkward rapey scenes, no toxic possessiveness, no physical violence, saifah wasn’t even mad when zon wasn’t ready to kiss him! Love these characters

Social distancing only works for those who can afford it. Migrant construction workers from & with no savings live day to day, & must live in whatever accommodation they are given. Seen this week in , on the edge of gov't proclaimed curfew.

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