Colour of the Atlantic Ocean up at Neil's Harbour, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia; a little stone on the path today, wet from melting snow, here in BC.

Birds are on the move! As the weather warms up birds start to migrate south. We’re getting more on site (temporarily!) before they head off, & , , & are all starting to leave the site. Come and see these lovely ducks while you still can 🦆

I'm looking for my dream company. An early stage startup. If that is you, and you're hiring, reach out. If we are in alignment of purpose I will dedicate my body and soul to the cause. I'll move country. I'll clean toilets. I will do whatever I can to help you succeed.

It’s a for me today as a proud member of the and because is the one thing Shad won’t take from us since he hates the color.

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