The homages continue: Alfredo Gobbi was born today in 1912. He was an extraordinary violinist, bandleader and composer. Among his master pieces, 'El Andariego'. Here, the last measures of our arrangement. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday to Astor Piazzolla, the father of tango nuevo (tango jazz) who got his first bandoneon in New York City.

Good to finally see you in real life! And thank you for the nice card 😎 Hope you enjoy your visit!

Yesterday on the Tv news featuring our concert dedicated to the Italian cellist, friend of Astor Piazzolla, Josè Bragato!! 🎉🎉😀✨

When music and dance combine to create the ultimate "vertical expression of a horizontal desire":

🤔Tango is real, with all ups and downs. ⁣🙄Tango is life. ⁣😱And like in life you can manage to get out of downs easyly or you stucked there. ⁣😜Your choice.⁣⁣

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