Subscribe for more photography and poetry! « Mother (of Pearls) » A warm wave bounces back and forth, wooshing a gentle lullaby while sun rolls from the east to north distracting the gaze of human eye. Deep down on rocky coral ledge Adorend with shells and fishes, Blue lips has sweetest things to pledge Without looking suspicious. As curly mantle throws it’s glance, up, bathed in idle sunlight and in reaction Blue algae joins the jolly dance adding shimmers of satisfaction. A little creature without guidance Spins between the two opened shells in mix of sand, mischance and madness Forever trapped now inside a cell. Inside this belly, layer after layer A tiny tongue caresses its prey here Adds shades of nacre that shines white or greyer giving birth to a glowing gemstone, layer after layer. A warm wave wooshes softly and the air Carries that irresistible sound straight to the ear graced by the pearls that blue lips once made hidden in a deep and sunny shade. Today I’m sharing a poem that was inspired by the picture of @ameliemilne Model - @hazel_townsend Via @nahidmd I’ve learned so much about incredible pearls ! #floatingsources    #ramityla   #curatorselection   #icanbeatouristtoo    #noicemag    #rentalmag   #nowherediary    #gominimalmag   #pellicolamag    #hylasmag    #taintedmag    #lekkerzine    #ourmag   #odtakeovers    #wtns    #ithosmag   #dreamermagazine    #photocinematica   #rentalmagazine    #myfeatureshoot    #ourmomentum   #verybusymag    #classicsmagazine   #toskamag    #taintedmag   #visualpoetry   #apricotmagazine     #realismag   #etczine  


That girl is poison 📸: @rcorlphotography

Futura 🚀 on #ektachrome100   #35mm  

I scream 🍦

ничего особенного, просто Корица, прячущаяся в крапиве 🌿

Oh the details darling,the details!


back garden has given us some gems

Taipei vibezzzzzzzz 3/3

a banana and a pigeon

Aaron hates sand and Aaron got on sand for this shot and that’s Aaron for you and what do you mean I’m obsessed with Aaron ? Maybe . Jk...unless??? Photographer: @9banger

📸: @madisondotwebb

Church in Bavaria

Summer colors with @aimeealysha


Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? 🌌 . Photographer: @elle.ione Model: @teganmodel

@giawoods in my home studio 🦋

serius est quam cogitas


"And I hope there’ll be any other chances I get And I hope I can take them with the mood that I have Anything can make me get in close, but instead Everything is pushing me away"

Facade Ahoy!

"वक़्त को आते ना जाते ना गुज़रते देखा, जमा होते हुए इक जगह मगर देखा है|" - गुलज़ार . . . . #portrait   #portraitphotography   #lights   #shadows   #afternoon   #indianphotographers   #lightsandshadows   #taintedmag   #corridor   #oldworldcharm   #oldplaces   #oldbuildings   #quaint   #forevermagazine   #spcollege  

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Friday, and payday?! 🤙🏼 - @cdfitness.chi

Speak of the devil

reflections of a spectrum, visions of the ether | 35mm + nikon f3

something of substance + all we need + something of soil | 35mm + nikon f3

We can begin the restructuring of thought by declaring legitimate what we have denied for so long. Lets us declare Nature to be legitimate. The notion of illegal plants is obnoxious and ridiculous in the first place. Terence McKenna. | 35mm + Nikon F3

one of many first frames I’ve kept hidden away for too long... yesterday I had a conversation with my dear friend @dontposeforme about what we’re willing to share, as photographers. I realized that I tend to only shoot things I’d be willing to share on a public platform. this was surprising to me, and it’s made me reconsider what feels “personal” to me, when it comes to photography... what are some of the subjects you tend to shy away from sharing or talking about, within your art? | 35mm @kodak gold + nikon f3 + processed by @thedarkroomlab | @f1rstoftheroll @womenwhoshootfilmmag

relinquish what is without. cultivate what is within. live for your center, not your senses. || the tao te ching, as translated by walker. || 35mm @kodak gold + nikon f3 + processed by @thedarkroomlab

Zabudowa szeregowa | 🇳🇱 | Serial development