Just looked on This one was minted in . So very rare indeed. Offers?!!! 🤑

Showing backpackers how it's done': Notorious 'bin chickens' are spotted practicing social distancing as they gather in an empty park

Shocking scenes of zero sea level rise and almost nobody on the Bridge & nobody walking around.

A quick walk to freshen the mind with some lovely views Of course I was still Now back at home for a boring night on the laptop 👩‍💻

B777, OE-LPD, "Spirit of Austria", has landed safely in after almost 18 hours or 8,938 NM. It was the longest nonstop flight in the Austrian flight history. The callsign was “AUA1”. The flight back with almost 300 repatriated Austrians goes via Penang, Malaysia. 🇦🇹🛬

So sad to see these iconic just disappearing without any fanfare. At least this one had a last hurrah by flying across the iconic skyline one last time. I fear this situation will change commercial for ever.

One more for luck 🍀 this was taken flying into over the Royal National Park and Pacific Ocean 🌊

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