When your best friend from college, who lives an hour and a half away, surprises you at work for a lunch date! 😍 I've missed her so much!! jesbrooks92 …

Holidays are best spent with friends that you love, even if it's just for as little as an hour 💓💓 🎉

Hi 👅 thank you so much! HAHHAA i love you babe ❤️ more solid days to come lol😛 💟💋❤️

It's a good day when your mom makes a surprise visit to see you!! missed me too much!! 😍☺️

So my brother will be here in 2 hours

Thanks for supporting me and my church today. @alierah18 , jr bry clarisse and mac.

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! So my dancer sister, fellow buddie is back in Cali for the week! Yay!

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