So alot of my analytics are showing a blank screen. Of those I can see, average impressions is 20-30 (almost 6000 followers). My replies are not showing up either. can you please fix whatever is broken here?

How many impressions will this poll have considering i have 454 followers? Leave comment explaining your opinion plz?

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The problem is I think we have a different interpretation of these statements (that and I'm a lil [mental disorder] rn so not thinking quite as straight so just fyi)

Reposted from New rifle. Who dis? alpha in 243. Took advantage of a weird April snow.————————————————— #243 -

The that we are at RANdOM with no WHY ... tells A LOT about those WHO will not ... ... !!! N O C O N T E N T N O T W I T T E R

Will ever be held accountable for their misrepresentation of data? Data & presented with a bias toward worst-case scenarios-reasoning for their overreach and unconstitutional rules ⁦⁩ ⁦

Sounds like he's saying poor kids cannot be white or that white kids cannot be poor. It's like some kind of classism/racism combo with them crossworking with each other (can't get the right words rn w/being a lil rn so can't express xactly what I'm trying to say).

Does anyone else think that deaths from in the military are being ?

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