Cool evening after a nice warm day. If you look carefully you can see my breath! The cold air is so full of moisture after two rainy days, it can’t hold as much, thus- vapour breath!

Another weekend is coming to an end.. Hoping you all had a great time and have a fabulous week ahead! Please feel free to share some of your beautiful views, I've loved seeing so much beauty from so many amazing places!

That sunset this evening. Made all the more lovely by a timely swallow fly-by.

towards the horizon is the setting sun a beautiful sky before the day is done...

So here it is.. FRIDAY!! So glad ya'll made it through the week and I'm wishing you each a Fabulous Weekend! I've loved all the photos you've shared and all the amazing comments this week! Feel free to share more of your photos today! Have a great night!

Leaving the city behind on my way home from work sometime last winter.

My favorite part of Thursday is that I can finally smell the weekend coming! Here's some colorful views to help you get through your day, and I'd love to see some of your photos to continually inspire me! Have a great day everyone!

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