Which laid back chic look is your favorite? From culotte jumpers to belted tunics, these beautiful pieces were locally designed by Jennifer Glasgow design for the current season. Feel free to reach out for more professional guidance and advice from our !

Shopping was and always will be my cardio. I can't wait until this is all over so I can get in a good, long, 8-hour workout. Amiright?

Sid and his brilliant creative team made up of experienced , prop stylists and assistants pride thier selves on working closely with each client to ensure their unique creative vision-

It's time again at and today we're with our client who's looking for a complete overhaul. Let our take the stress out of for you & save time! Book your own session >>

Caught on film...White Angel by Hat Couture from the Whiter Shade of Pale SS2021 bridal Collection. Hat available to order now from or from our NYC agents the_confessional_showroom_nyc

: hard to pronounce, but easy to maintain! Balayage highlights look natural, grow out well & work for light & dark hair. Give the stylists at Mitchell James a ring to schedule your appointment! 314.863.3448

you know what happens this November? You are screwing so many good hard working Californians right now. From to I would be shocked to see you get more than 100 votes...

I mean I love fashion, but I hate figuring out what goes with what 😫 If I could, I would really hire someone to do that, I see how much sense their job makes now.

We've just finished our chat show all about . Our inspiring shared their on how to become more confident through . Missed it? No problem, you can watch again here >>

Does anyone else have a dog that sees itself like this whenever the front doorbell rings? Especially when it’s the postie

We're in for a warm spell so - with little chance of rain - what better time to book-in (or walk-in*) for a cut? Call 228608 for appointments with experienced Sarah or Ricky in the salon or Chris in the 💈 💇‍♂️💇‍♀️

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