Looking forward to 1 pm tomorrow & speaking about the "Future of our : Reimagining Public Space During the & Beyond". organized this distinguished panel talk.

There's over 17 bible scriptures that encourage people to go to church. Basing your understanding on 1 verse that is not even direct to going to church is bias. We dont stand on to be at Church

The people of Minneapolis have taken to the and are saying enough to the indiscriminate murder of Black and brown people during this pandemic, in every form. was detained by Minneapolis Police last night as an officer held a knee on his neck, killing him.

The one thing I miss about Nairobi is the random night shoots with friends. .... Lghting was never an issue, as long as I had my camera, we'd light shots with Mobile phones and still kill it. An ode to

To Those Girls Who Ask (Who Gave You My Number/Where Did You Get My # From) B*ches You Belong To The

Frustrated DC activists, closing off neighborhood to traffic, making room for bicyclists and pedestrians. tells what they hope to accomplish coming up on News4 at 5&6.

Them niggas was never in the they was always cappin true story

I think from the way Sister Afia was speaking, I realized shes from the

My version of social distancing.

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