Snapchat Saw It First. Look @ My Cute Little Babies! I keep this picture at on my monitor at work!

you're categorically THE BEST.. thanks for arranging this for Wills. Huge thanks to the players for the fist pumps & to for just being awesome! You have all made her night 🥰 ⛈

Baby Stormie wears designer clothing but no lifejacket. Why isn't this beautiful, precious and innocent child wearing a lifejacket? It takes 20 seconds to drown.

#643554 🐇🐰💗 Jersey Wooly Female |4 months SPAYED/NEUTERED: Yes I’M CURRENTLY LOCATED AT: San Diego Campus 5500 Gaines Street , CA 92110 619-299-7012 [email protected]

continues to ... Apparently 's mushroom description was accurate... Why else would the person holding the most powerful seat in the world continue to a civilian?

For the first time in three years this girl vomited on the tile. Not the carpet. ON THE TILE! Not sure I’ve ever been more proud of her

Kendall Jenner admitted to feeling smitten over snaps that Kylie shared of her daughter Stormie, says she isn't planning to be a mom anytime soon.

For the love of ...! Please stop with the warm rainy weather I want snow and frozen grounds already Agghhh

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