Day 1 of Level 3 in South Africa and the bottle stores are swamped with desperate people. My clever husband ordered from his craft brewery friends and had this delivered this morning.

Lots of daytime for this week, particularly as the weather gets cooler from mid-week. Remember even though we've moved into Phase 1 the advice is still JC

Good morning all! All ready for a day of housework 馃ぃ馃ぃ have an awesome day and stay safe 馃槝

Good job we're not lifting lockdown restrictions, sending kids back to school & telling the vulnerable they can stop shielding now. Oh wait...

Thank you for stopping a car from Northampton from driving down the closed road to beach today

The amount of folk who are now doing as they wish because 'they've been unlocked down long enough' It's been 9 weeks that's all. You're no exactly suffering like wee Anne Frank who's family lived in a secret room behind a fucking bookcase for TWO YEARS !!!

8,000 new infections a day and he's tweeting this. I don't understand anything our government is doing.

Now more than ever, taking care of your mind and body is really important. Everyone will experience a different mix of emotions, and this is ok 馃専 Visit 馃憠 to get your Mind plan today. #everymindmatters#coronavirus

Happy Saturday mofos have an awesome day! Catch some rays if you can! Stay safe 馃槝

Vehicle from the Coventry area stop checked in Loveston. The three occupants, who were some 220 miles from their home address, stated they were on their way to the beach. Occupants reported for breaching the coronavirus regulations, escorted out of Pembs.

Cassie: I fits! I fits! Bao (muffled) Really? The weather is glorious! But please be safe and keep your distance. Mummy and daddy have no plans for trips - so we are carrying on as we have done these past few weeks 馃惥馃挄

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