If You Fight, All The Doors Open If You're giving up, all the doors Closed A very powerful insight from Mr , can't thank you enough, hope everybody at could read this and learn something Please forgive me for the messy note Thank you with

intro, with some bright up the mood, with those stars on the black curtains.. Seminar rasa konser inih... Great job Suara Surabaya Media.. You know we love you so... 😂

WOW! Our RETAKE occupational therapists training course has now been accredited by the Stroke-Specific Education Framework. A MAJOR accomplishment! For more information please visit:

Despite appalling education cuts - £150m in Kent suddenly ££s available for selective school expansion only. Public consultation Wed 5pm Umbrella Centre

Massive support for bid to 'not build a new selective school' 1 parent 2 objectors numerous lovely staff. Vanity project Look into your hearts this is not wanted or needed or the right thing to do. Selection at 10 is disgraceful

Delegates are being shown the Stroke Specific Education Framework (SSEF). An extremely useful, FREE, and accessible tool for those working in stroke research/practice. More details can be found here:

AND WE HAVE A WINNER!! Rajat Doshi of wins for his chemistry project at the last night! Congrats to Rajat and the rest of Team Hillsborough! 🏆🚀🥇🔬 @LynnGray88

Conducting workshop on soon to be released we have developed for under support from . Kolkata on 5th December & Coimbatore on 8th December. Ping me if interested to attend either of the events!

Planning Sessions are underway for the 63rd annual of Florida Competition‼️ Click…

Good luck to high school student Michael Odzer who is presenting work he did with us on and at this week!

said it has become the first lab in the world to introduce age dating of using carbon-14 (14C)

Julian explaining to Donna Lowry how he turned a pile of Legos into two chirping birds.

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