I want all my followers and friends to surge, climb, scrap, climb, struggle and grasp...all of us, no matter what bc my sons, their brothers will to

Watching the run through of performances for tonight’s some cracking work made here I’ve laughed so much I’ll keep tena lady in business! It’s pay what you feel -it’s be a great start to the weekend @TeifiMusic

Learning never stops for a Hornet!! These 3 Hornets are attending Coding Camp at JCISD.

Chasing away the sniffles?😞 How about A FRESH Batch Of Smoked💨 Chicken & Dumpling Soup!!! Made From Scratch- Take-Out!!! 🍲😋 Menu:

Today is the second day of TTT. ICT Teachers in Accra and Kumasi are learning to code.

British Colonial Citizens share Scratch projects to provide a glimpse back in time! @CVERoom17

Karolina from also got some lessons in on the event at the EU Parliament

: Check out – ‘Let It Be Known’ Pt. 1 d” thanks for the share fam

The hungry wolf is hiring dancers... Ladies this to chance

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