I don’t know why you’d think it’s the height of comfort to be snuggled into yo momma’s butt, but I’m not a cat.

At 1.39 pm Bank Nifty and once again made a day's high. But none of its top 5 market capitalization based made a day high tick simultaneously! Hmm.. Kuch to gadbad hai 😄 - Daya - pata lagao !

Sure Akinci Robotic’s is not yet a but It works hard to be there within next couple of years. The new generation in Turkey with large investments made for know-how by Erdogan have started to advance heavily in high tech.

GBM supplies spot meltblown cloth, grade 95, grade 99, please contact the sales team of GBM if you need it, thank you! cloth

We were thankful for the opportunity we had today to get back to work TOGETHER! Efforts were great and individual and teammate ownership were excellent!

- Not even met 1st target 9945. If global market supports tonight we can hit 9945 tomorrow before noon. Letz see.

NIFTY 9886 from 9090 🔥 1st Target hit Book Profit here almost 800 Point

7am start worth it for an empty spot and finally back on the water 🙌

Above X level if crosses and closes ...........we see 9890---9954+ Now what is X level ?More to our Members ♥Fuck ♥Fuck ♥Fuck Fundamentals ♥Fuck numbers ♥Fuck ♥Fuck Media Concentrate on charts

In the animal kingdom, there is the wise and there is the stupid

Spot by Boston Dynamics is being used at the Denver International Airport. I want one.

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