Busy day preparing sch for the return of some yr groups. Can’t tell you how exhausting it’s been thinking through risks & logistics. Letter sent to families who responded ‘Yes’ to sending chn back to sch. Pls chk ParentMail. Team have been brilliant as ever.

More common sense between these 5 kids than many adults I've seen - proud of them all. Lunchtime hangman after a morning of working hard! ⭐

Gardaí in Irishtown snapped this scenic photo of a cruise liner coming into Dublin Port, while conducting proactive patrols at sunrise. Photo taken at the Great South Wall, Poolbeg, Dublin 4

„Bitte halten Sie Abstand“ , „Please keep distance“ - beaches in Germany are reopening for tourists while still practicing

How long are we going to accept the absurd / rules that are destroying families, all types relationships and having a huge negative mental, physical, emotional and financial impact on millions of people. We need to end this now to save lives and jobs.

Good Morning Everyone. White Rabbits 🐇. 1st of June, 1st day of a new month and more important than ever to stay safe and beat this virus 🦠. Remember today and every day

After 11 weeks of & w/ the utmost regard 4 , I picked up my parents from , all in masks, & brought them 2 our porch. Served them a meal 🍝. Watched Italian travel video. No hugs but restored hope.

Pulteney Bridge is a globally unique masterpiece of architecture and public space, but it's pavements are far too narrow. We need to make it safe for pedestrians to use as we move out of lockdown.

Do you know what would be good? If tomorrow Britain just said ‘NO’. Kept their children at home. Didn’t meet up in groups of six. Continued social distancing as before, as recommended by the actual experts. What are the odds, do we think?

This is in Beverly Hills. Remember when liberals called us terrorist & accused us of killing old people when we got together to protest the lockdowns? Doesn't seem like they care much about anymore. So does this mean we can open up?

Struggling to understand the difficulty of like Rosie? Now you know, its the lack of cock.

Those people were queuing for actual food, Rosie, they weren’t shagging someone as you did. An activity in which is quite problematic. Glasshouses/Stones

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