I copied our painting and pasted it along with a 9 1/2 million dollar price tag and tried to trick while we were doing research on the piece. I used the wrong blue font and she busted me right away.

Our yellow lab, Brooke, heard a doorbell ring on tv and barked. We don’t even have a doorbell at our house. 🤣

😂 I’ve burnt the roof of my mouth many times on those! Lol

Whhhhaaaaaatttt?? He is my new medicine AND political crush?? Move over .. crush CRUSHED!😍🥰

I’ve decided that if we are home schooling now, I get to add stuff to the curriculum. day-who-knows-what, we add to the lesson plan. She picked as her top 2!

Those are the ONLY sour cream/onion chips worth buying!

Happy B-Day to this remarkable kid!! I can’t describe how proud I am of the person you are. Just do me a favor... STOP GROWING UP! Really!!

Government have asked everyone to Sit at Home...as we do so we should also try to check on our Neighbors by Calling to know how they are, share with them too if we can. mercykenneth_ Remember to…

Learning to spend mom and dad's money... Well played, well played. She asked for money instead of stickers 🤣 (ummm no) she hung out with auntie Marissa to much 🙄🤣

Day#13. B built a 2-in-1 lantern. She had an ingenious idea of using her magnetic bracelet so that she didn’t lose any nuts and bolts.

My 3 year old just asked me “why is the corona virus telling you to stay at home”. I didn’t realize she even knew what the corona virus was.

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