The ugly history of Moghuls and during in Kafirs/Infidels are words still used today sadly, and normalized in some communities against those whom they see as 'pagans', 'nonbelievers', 'non-muslims'.

Daina Ramey Berry's The Price for Their Pound of Flesh: "...exploitation of both sexes occurred when enslavers forced enslaved people to copulate against their will--which I labeled third-party rape."

At least 30 enslaved persons were confirmed at the Lake Chapel in May 1844, ranging in age from 15 to 75. They included hog-tender Jack Sawyer, cobbler Moses Phelps, and bricklayer Joe Welcome. Three of the 30 were also married in 1844.

First book is Tacky's Revolt: The Story of an Atlantic Slave War with guest Vincent Brown

Can't wait to join hosting the book club! Join us on Zoom (the email to receive the link is on the flyer) and support these authors! Books available for purchase/preorder via &

In case you missed it yesterday: here is the full program of Summer and Fall 2020 book club that I and are putting together. First session is on July 1, 2020. Yesterday's version of the program had a typo, spread this one.

Warming up! Join me and for the first session of book club on July 1, 2020 with historian Vincent Brown who will present his book Tacky's Revolt, followed by discussion. Get the book here

Interesting find: 鈥淟ist of several British Subjects who are the reputed Owners or Hirers of Slaves in 鈥 1849

Don't miss Vincent Brown's talk on his new book Tacky's Revolt: The Story of an Atlantic War this coming Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Anne C. Bailey's The Weeping Time: "Whether it was Suriname or Jamaica, Antigua or Brazil, black-eyed peas and rice in various mutations was sumptuously prepared with African herbal seasonings and always salt pork or beef."

Have great news: My book for general readers Humans in Shackles: An Atlantic History of Slavery in the Americas is under contract with . This is a hemispheric & narrative history of slavery in the Americas centering on Brazil, Africa & enslaved women

鈥...many enslaved people were skilled carpenters...Though given limited tools and resources...they built their houses as sturdily as possible. 鈥淚t was one of the ways they were resisting slavery.鈥濃

with interest in CUBA: Does anybody have a pdf copy of Manuel Moreno Fraginal's El Ingenio. A friend needs a few pages from volume 2, specifically. Full volumes appreciated though.

The poster "Muzzles are for dogs & slaves" by racist ignorant features image used to represent legendary Afro-Brazilian saint "Anast谩cia." Yet, the original image indeed depicts indeed an enslaved as explained in the Slavery Images website

in 1788, the Lake Company recorded two acts of defiance by enslaved people. Live Hassell was paid for capturing freedom seekers Smart and Sambay, who tried to escape together for a second time, while Mr. Woolard was paid 鈥渇or damages done him by our Negroes.鈥

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