Monks in Tep Pranom pagoda, just north of Elephant Terrace in provicne , was told to stop constructing a building on the temple site, Apsara Authority said.

2 weeks of ... temples .. pool .. tennis .. buddhas🧘‍♀️.. and my zooms fitness classes I feel great 🤩. 🇰🇭 home time 🛩🛩🛩🛩

Fun for the whole family and supporting a great local cause. Pottery and ceramics lessons now available at a leading centre.

Bungalow 1955 catering both solo adventure and group traveler alike. Only 6km away from the magnificent Temple or 15 minutes from International Airport. See our google page at…

There is so much unseen in this planet... So much mystery between nature and humanity compromises throughout our amazing history! @ Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Did you know that the Preah Khan temple in Siem Reap was a self-contained city in itself? The temple complex housed more than 500 shrines and a Buddhist University apart from living quarters Click to read:

What is Angkor? You asked. We bear out what people have said and serve you warmest welcoming. Email: [email protected]  Mobile Phone: (+855) 085 242 033 / 095 609 181

One hour until Wednesday ultimate! Discs will be flying in Siem Reap at Wat Bo football center at 7.30pm. Come on out!

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