📄Document of the Republic of MFA on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great , the 28th Anniversary of the Liberation of and the Army Day was disseminated in . 🔗

Celebrating the Triple Holiday w/ my family, appreciating the victories of previous generations in liberation & . These kids deserve & peaceful victories not to see devastations/tragities. They know that strong state is the top guarantor of that future.

Twitter trends for today - because it is not only but also Day of Army and liberation of city during war in 1992

celebrates triple holiday today: the glorious Victory of the Great Patriotic War, the Liberation of and the anniversary of the Artsakh Defence Army founding. Congratulations to whole Armenian nation! ♥️💙💛

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the massacres of ’ns in . Today we join the people of in their celebrations of the treble victory. It signifies resilience, determination and defiance against aggression

Happy Triple Holiday - liberation day, Defense Army founding day & ! is a military triple holiday in the hearts of all |ns.

Today marks . Centuries old city of Shushi symbolises the will of / people to protect their fundamental rights and freedoms, culture and history. stands w/ Artsakh in ensuring that their rights are never violated again!🇦🇲

Congratulations to all on the liberation of , the foundation of the Army and victory in the Great War! Our people have proved that they are !

Two-time Hero of 🎖️, ace pilot &“fear of fascists” Nelson Stepanyan was born in heart of , Nagorno-Karabakh,in highland city of . Probably, proximity to sky prompted boy to dream of aviation🛩️ More about N. Stepanyan➡️

The liberation of 28 yrs ago today, symbolized not only the liberation of for the 'n people but also the liberation of the aspirations towards the restoration of its independence. Happy Victory Day! 🇦🇲

in 1992, the highly strategic town of in was liberated by the self-defense forces. This victory was one of the main turning points of the war launched by Azerbaijan against the Armenian population of Artsakh in the early 1990s.

ago the of were massacred by Tatars."The beautiful Armenian city was completely destroyed, looted,&in the wells we saw women and children corpses" the Head of the Caucasus Bureau said.

Fan video ‼️ For by Directed by yours truly I wrote the storyboard for the entire song and it took about two months for my team and I to actualize this animation video. Enjoy these few seconds of the African Giant Greatness!

Who likes ? This looks delicious ! A quien le gusta el shushi ? Pinta delicioso ! __ __ __ Video by jazzbossa0130

shrouded in mist. A scene from ⛰️by TUMO photography workshop leader Aram Kirakosyan.

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