ago 1000s of Armenians were massacred in & neighboring Armenian villages by azeri tatar rabbles of Transcaucasia.The beautiful town was thoroughly destroyed,the local Armenian population, including women, children&elderly, became victims of atrocities & slaughter

100 years since capital was slaughtered by |is in 1920. Thousands of |ns were killed & all the city, except Azeri population district, was destroyed. Rest in peace the souls of those men, women & children who became victims of those butchers.

MFA of / issued statement on centennial of 'n massacre in : Authorities and ppl of Artsakh are exerting every effort to revive Shushi and to restore cultural heritage of the city destroyed by 'i authorities

100 years ago, on March 23 1920, the authorities of the newly created Dem. Republic massacred the population of , the then administrative and cultural center of .

Today, we join our compatriots in to pay tribute to memory of thousands of victims of anti-Armenian massacres perpetrated in a century ago, reaffirming determination of Armenian ppl to live & flourish in a free homeland. Full statement⬇️

1920 Massacres as the continuation of the . The |i armed units, together with bandits from Shushi city organized the massacres of Armenians from March 23-26 1920.

The scale and cruelty of struck the contemporaries who visited immediately after this crime and noted that the wells were filled with the bodies of women and children.

100 years ago, on March 23, 1920, newly created DR massacred thousands of population of Read more:

During the 'n massacres in , 'i Tartars destroyed cultural sites of as Astvatsatsin church,built in 1822 by resettlers from Agulis , the 1st& biggest church at the time, was razed to the ground.

This is how Armenian people lived in in 19th century (1,2) Vs how they lost their homes, memories and huge history after massacres in 20th century (3,4).

100 years ago massacred |ns: •killing & expelling over 20,000 ppl, •destroying Armenian rich heritage, •keeping ruins for over 4 decades. has deep roots in Azerbaijan, while /stability require dialogue & justice.

‼️100 y.ago on Mar 23, authorities of newly created Azerbaijani DR massacred thousands of Armenians of , looted, burned, completely destroyed Armenian part of city. Today people exert every effort to restore cultural heritage of Shushi destroyed by .

100 years, Tatars hordes mercilessly ravaged and raped the Armenian city of in . The Int'l Community should forget these crimes, nor the fact that the gang of bears their legacy and dreams of achieving it again.

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