Unbeatable legal track record, by the way step out you yellow virus .

I don't care if they're Black, White, Brown or Purple...if they commit or support Violence, Property destruction or Victimizing innocent people or their businesses, or any other illegal in supposedly "Protesting", then they are Shitheaded Scum and need to be arrested!

How much more on fire does the roof need to get.. he’s failed in business and in government. I’d say we got what we paid for in a reality tv c-actor!

You'd be able to chase them down on foot

MSNBC photojournalist was just hit by a rubber bullet by police in DC.

You're scared you little . LMMFAO!!!!!!) Love those flash bangs. OMG!!!!!

millionaires donating $500 while wearing thousands and thousands of dollars worth of clothing sitting in their paid off multi million dollar homes. i have to laugh like y’all aren’t

I was last in fifteen years ago. It was then. I cannot imagine what it is like now. I shall probably never return.

Gentle bimble to the stream this afternoon. Bit like a yomp! Rather than a tab 😜👍😂 &shite

I promised my colleagues, where I am volunteering, I would try to cook. You know that feeling when you crave toad in the hole, and nothing else will surfice, then you end up with this.....😢😢

Target is about to get their back

Obaseki is in deep right now Only Edo airways can save him

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