it is a strange feeling to jump into water in the middle of the ocean. But sometimes we just had to clean the boat. Always wearing my 🦈 👍🏻

DEER FEAR! 10 persons die by deer in 2017 (Germany). Caused by sharks: same number, but worldwide! Man kills about 100 million sharks each year. No known statistics for deer. Don't fear sharks! Meme by

Diving right into 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ with white tip! With each passing year Banyan Tree Divers will continue to be involved with and awareness. Have you dived with these...

Stand with us on sharks protection by wearing your 💙shaped shark t-shirt! It's available for all ocean lovers

While notorious, sharks also own the higheat rank in the ecosystem pyramid by being the apex predators! These amazing creatures don't deserve finning and ending up like this in fisheries and finally on our table...

5 Facts People Who Fear Sharks Should Know. Don’t fear sharks! Fear an ocean without them. Domino Albert, Associate Director, Global Communications, share's her latest blog:

Headed to the beach tomorrow with Thinking about bringing some of these.

Columbia Scuba goes above and beyond for , raising over $1300 through their efforts!

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