Anne Mathieu, Managing Director, , presenting the measures adopted in to smoothly come back to public transport systems. Compulsory use of masks, NO physical distancing and random temperature checks in some stations.

The first crypto centers will open in Paris and Shanghai very soon !!! 16 in total to come. Stay tuned

🇺🇸Shanghai Disneyland has reopened today to visitors with a capacity adjusted to 30% in addition to the application of sanitary measures. It is the first Disney resort in the world to reopen due to the Covid-19 outbreak

Looking back to Shanghai on this day exactly 9 years ago: day 549 of 1 photo every day for the rest of my life.

This month we’re celebrating the first anniversary of . And today we are starting a journey around the world to see our Appia Life machines in action in your : let's begin with , where last year we launched Appia Life to the world at the Hotelex 2019 show!

"Corona's political war in America": My OpEd in "Independent Arabiya." The acted in January though didn't release the needed info. Flights were allowed to the world but not to and . Read the article in Arabic.

📍IRANIAN NURSE is begging; - Please, don't leave your house, 100 infected patients have died before my eyes since morning ..! .

As a result of the Coronavirus in China, certain areas and regions are culling and killing dogs, WE MUST STOP THIS ANIMAL CRUELTY RIGHT NOW!

GRAZIE CINA! THANK YOU CHINA! 谢谢中国 🇨🇳🤗❤🇮🇹 After a flight of 10 thousands km from to , Chinese doctors and tons of medical devices just landed. Let's fight together against ! We'll never forget your support, altruism and friendship 🤝

Proud! Our executive Dr. E. Bischof coordinating from on site the initiative from to bring medical aid to people in need. Powered by ,, Swiss government, Swiss Universities. WBP at the frontline coronavirusus

Dr. Ewelina Bischof from as our coordinator on site for the initiative from to bring medical aid to people in need Shangai building new hospital. Airport deserted !

China’s 24 million people of Shanghai is almost empty for the fear of the Corona virus!!

With population of 25 million, 50 five star hotels, 393 metro stations, 4 railway stations, two international airports, this sleepless city is a paradise for shopping and business.

tests arrived today. ranked number 1 in Europe and 5th in the wolrd after , , and . And here is one of the reason when I talk about why I support and like education system. 😊😊😊

Enjoying a Special Lecture about The State of the art in TaTME by in The 8th Asian Robotic and Laparoscopic Camp for Colorectal Surgeons – at 上海国际会议中心 | Shanghai International Convention Center

This week, our third Asia took place in , presented in partnership with the China Chamber of Tourism and hosted by Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels Group. Thank you, 🇨🇳. It is always an honour to be here.

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