1 minute edit of Neon Generator process video for impatient people with low attention span. Yes I said it. Full video here:

Made a little addon to capture an animation of the Blender UI. This allows you to easily make clips like this one from the course I'm working on. Get the addon here:

I'm going to start selling slaps. These are ones I've worked on so far. There'll be more to come! 🖤

Hello!!! I noticed that i havent drawn Humans in a long time so i drew some, i also practiced the shanding and i think it looks amazing.

We’re spending this Mecha Monday in Zhang Xiaoyue’s maintenance bay, which won him a Best of Term for Interior Environment. Based off a personal concept, Zhang crafted this scene for his and & classes here at Gnomon.

Small close up! I still need to work a bit more on the wood. But is time to add the final details to Mr Guardian

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