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Applause for all the caregivers and first responders from the top of Tower tonight at sunset.

Today's Sunset in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco, California, USA. License: CC BY 4.0

Here's the final 30 second spot that aired on CBS SF.

I can’t go to my garlic noodle spot but I can buy crack right side my door..... from at least 20 different people..... 🙄🙄🙄🙄

So much goodness in . A few highlights: 1. Customers can monitor replication jobs in SF 2. People Analytics reports can be scheduled 3. New intelligent service event for position creation 4. Concurrent employment for contingent workers 5. New replication monitor view

"I think I just got a group of goats arrested in Llandudno. Let me explain..." is a great opening line waiting to be extended. I am so, so hoping someone writes this dystopian invasion novel set on the Welsh coast in a seemingly-genteel town that time forgot.

Israeli Shayetet 13 operators during VBSS training in the Mediterranean Sea.

Yes it's creepy out there CityHall to 5th St. Anger, mistrust, hungry eyes staring. Talked with 4 homeless friends, one camping 1/2 a block away. Nowhere to shower or eat. Another month to go 🙏💞😔

I LOVE this! Nush did such a fantastic job with the three main characters of my series!!!

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