, Cherey blossom spring time. Went out for fresh air. Covid19 still remain stubborn with 100 cases today. But life goes on..

I'm beginning to think gets his "I know X better than anyone" knowledge from Wikipedia. Sometimes he just reads the wrong line + doesn't know that m stands for meters, not millions. 🤔

From my delightfully snarky friend Dan: Hey ! "Elevation" is the height from which we'd like you to be dropped on your head. "Population" is the number of people who would like to do it.

2 weeks of has allowed me to ascend into kimmy un my soul my

🚇Starting on April 1, Seoul subways (Lines 1-9) will operate only until midnight as the intensity of work related to disinfection and maintenance of subways has been 14 times stronger than the usual.

This is a picture of me and my sister in Seoul, which is a beautiful city of about 10 million people. Not 38 million. At all. I am 13 and I know that.

elevation 38 metres Population 38 million according to La Paz elevation 3650 metres 3650 million is a hell of a lot of people.

Report: Boastful President Trump claims there are only a few hundred people in South IKEA.

Here's a density map of the greater metropolitan area. The width of this map is ~30 miles.

Not only does he blatantly lie about why S. Korea is handling COVID-19 better than US, the 38 million population number he used for that lie was a mistake...He can't even lie right. Trump has confirmed yet again that he makes George "Dubya" Bush look like Nikola Tesla.

For those who wonder where , talking about , got his 38m from.

My daughter lives in , they have drive through tests, results in hours and GPS track all those with virus. Friends, family of patients informed and self quarantine enforced. Medics visit you at home and food delivered by gov 3 times a day. Super tests, tracking, control.

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