They know the majority are the elderly and willing to sacrifice them for the sake of the economy. State governed

The Conservative government couldn't get the old to pay for social care so their chief strategist Sado Dom come up with this idea.

Governmental senicide brought to you by the guy who thought the poor should be sterilised. It's not as I hadn't told you so...

In case anyone missed the newest shamdemic data from ⁦⁩. I see people still touting 3% mortality rates. We’re now at .2 on the high end, and that’s including the committed by Cuomo and his posse 💙🎶🇺🇸

What a damn liar. If this were true there would have been no reason for his directive. No deflecting this time you Democtatic POS! Governors run the states and you will be held accountable for what you did!!

RIP Mom Died: 4-1-2020 Place: Manhattan Rehab/Nursing Facility .

New York had the Comfort however the governor ordered COVID-19 infected to nursing homes to maximize the attempted .

. who knew you would be leader of the most "Dangerous for Seniors" state in the Republic? So much for "The Minnesota Way"

DUDE! YOU traveled with your family while INFECTED with the virus! YOU put the lives of your family at risk by infecting them! YOUR BROTHER mandated nursing homes take in positive Covid patients to infect our most vulnerable with the virus!

What will it take for you guys to take this seriously? Does have to rename NYS “Dachau” & personally throw granny in the oven? He murdered those people... thousands of them. And you play tribal games? You’re grotesque. committed a modern

Says the man who sent people infected with the Wuhan virus into nursing homes

There are actually two terms for what these Democrat governors did, and you can look them up: & . In short, the mass, systemic killing of the elderly. The space between what they did & what genociders of the past did is pretty thin. RT

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