Rent is due today. Sending love and blessings out to those that may be stressed. And remember your and likely bailed out bank but won’t bail out the people.

Take it from me... is not 's favorite offering at the moment!

24 July 1911: Hiram III re-discovers Machu Picchu, "the Lost City of the Incas" in Peru. Later Bingham would become the governor of and a U.S. from the state.

Wonder why got to with two days in a row? Follow the rubles, $800K from to ’s . He’s forgotten his oaths as a and officer. Now he’s .

The uncommon who became an uncommon and now an uncommon has uncommonly done the uncommon by uncommonly exposing the uncommon corruption existing in the NDDC and with some collaborators in the National Assembly.

Things have really changed it seems in the of 👇🏻lessons learnt کب تک آپکے جھالت جارے ہوگی؟

My is giving an interview an ANOTHER bill he’s sponsoring...this man has done more for in 2 yrs than his predecessor did in all his years combined! So proud he represents me!!!

Gotta make that noise...while everyone else wants to go back to normal and let Democrats have their way....we have to apply pressure!!!! and Running for having No Black American Agenda with that's not beating 👀👀

So supports saying "FUCK U" to ....But HE will NOT condemn Xi Jinping of ....WHAT A SCUMBAG!!/

She is a fool. retired to avoid the real story gets out. This could end up with a court martial. Idiot to Keep Hold on 1,123 Military Promotions Despite Vindman Retirement via

Top-notch vibes only No time for plenty talk...This time we are coming so hard just like never before. Oya take as murdered by Dude murders beat for a living... Shot/Edited Johnson Chukwu Mixed and mastered

asked of 's achievements. Boasted of been Member, & . Is success only in holding Public Office/Winning ? Shouldnt it also be about one's ability to speak to , for d voiceless? Thats what is doing.

"Those Calling For My Arrest Should First Go And Arrest Fulani Herdsmen. I will vote for Biafra any day" -

I am not a expert , but I Know: Command,Control and Logistics . We need a Federal Strategy w . The 50 State Solution is not working . We still in First Half of the War . The lies about the curve . Call Your demand TestTestTest

WearMask Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid ! Social Distance, Wash Hands , Stay Home ! Yell Loud and often . ⁦⁩ Has To Walk The Talk of , ⁩ ⁦⁩ . Stop The Bullshit Death up daily .Call Your

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