We took so many photos that day, but this was the only selfie 📷 and man did we look good! 😎 Thank you for always being so selfless 🙏🏼 and having my back 💪🏼

Well... I wanted to share some personal stuff with you guys but now that I'm posting this, I'm not sure if it's a good idea. So, for now, I wish you a good night and/or really nice day. . .

HAPPY EARLY TUES + UPLOAD DAY! - I can’t wait for the new video AND new ep of the podcast. thank you for maintaining that positive energy even in these uncertain times it’s fucking contagious❤️

Happy upload day 💕 I can’t wait for the video, AHH I’m excited 😆😂 This is an old photo don’t judge 😂

Well...I found a hair crimper 😂 This is what I do when I'm making dinner now... Day 21

Had to take ibuprofen and slept all day after the paramedics left. I’m feeling much better now. Grandma taught me how to use my wheelchair as a walker and it hurts like hell but I needed fresh air and my balcony needs a hazmat team

I somehow crossed into the land of 12K Probably just because we are all at haha, but I’d love to with a spree. drop your and all your fellow ! Let’s 💋

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