If you’ve ever blamed “the algorithm” for your dip in engagement, ⁣ ⁣ (there’s sooo much more to running an online business than social media - and we can talk aaaaalll about it)⁣ ⁣ Just know that yes, maybe you’ve taken a hit & maybe you’ve lost followers ⁣ ⁣ BUT⁣ ⁣ Use this as an opportunity get MORE potent with your content. ⁣ ⁣ Seeing is as a loss of the people who are not right for you, and begin to specify your marketing, branding and offerings. ⁣ Who do you want to sell to?⁣ Not just anybody, right? ⁣ Not jerks, freebie fishers, complainers & bringers of bad energy....⁣ ⁣ So think of the algorithm as a tool to guide those people AWAY and get even more potent with what you offer , how you speak to it & show up anyway. ⁣ ⁣ One of my mentors, Kathrin Zenkina, said in her podcast “people don’t come from the algorithm. They come from source and if you are in alignment, they WILL find you.”⁣ ⁣ Even if your post gets 1 measly like. ⁣ (Mind you, ive hit the biggest benchmark in my business when I only had 300 followers on Instagram. You CAN speak to and convert a small audience) ⁣ ⁣ Anyhow - that’s all for now! ⁣ ⁣ Don’t fret 🙂 ⁣ ⁣ Everything is working out in favor for you!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #spiritualboss   #sheo   #spiritualentrepreneur   #bossmom   #spiritguides   #businessbydivine   #manifestationbabe   #screwthealgorithm   #socialmediamanager   #virtualassistant  

“Motivation is fleeting, make it habit” a message I wrote on my driveway with sidewalk chalk for my clients so naturally we had to have a mini photo shoot and I couldn’t take it seriously! Was trying to show my clients we ALL have rolls when we sit down! 😂 #postliketheresnoalgorithm   #screwthealgorithm   #ipostwhatiwant   #ipostwheniwant  

The afternoon weather cleared but I didn't have my board on the truck sadface, so I stopped by the riverbank on my way home. 1 hour later and another half crate of rivertrash is gone! #reduceyourfootprint   #missedopportunity   #newopportunities   #rivercleanup   #potomacriver   #cigars   #blackandmild   #swishers   #ourplanet   #bbqchips   #coolpic   #suplife   #trashtagchallenge   #screwthealgorithm   #biclighter   #nomorestraws   #supgarbageman  

I love this video- 🤪🤪 Every time I watch it, it makes me smile. It’s so important to let go, have fun, be silly and not care what anyone else thinks! . Dogs stick their heads out car windows all the time and now I understand why. 🤣 . I’m currently feeling these feels - The weeks over and I’m so ready for the weekend and hopefully a sleep in 🤗 . . . #mood   #vibe   #weekend   #tgif   #passion   #purpose   #positivity   #happy   #donttakelifetooseriously   #letgo   #screwthealgorithm   #smile   #live   #laugh   #love   #havefun   #dontcare   #thisisme   #human   #real   #wellbeing   #mindfit   #stateofmind   #stateofme  

I’m not one for a selfie, so here’s a picture of me and my lush sis @typebyalice at a wedding on Saturday (I’m the short one 🙄!) I’ve had a few new followers recently and realised I’ve never actually posted a picture of myself here or told you anything about me! So here goes... • I’m Emily, I’m 30 and I’m married to my wonderful husband, James, and we have a two year old daughter, called Lily • My background is working in the charity sector in legal departments, but I’m now a SAHM. I’ve always been creative and made things for the house and for Lily, so recently decided to try my hand at running my own little business! • My other passion is interiors - I absolutely LOVE them! We don’t own our house so I’m always looking for creative ways to make our house as ‘us’ as possible within the restraints we have - let me know if you’d like to see some interiors pictures! • I often feel like a huge imposter on Instagram, with all the amazing small brands out there, and the stupid algorithm, but doing @empomdesigns makes me really happy so I try to overcome that each day and just enjoy it! I am so grateful to be able to do this, and each order, however big or small, means the world to me and makes me do my happy dance! • I love a G&T, dark chocolate with mint, earl grey tea, crisps and my monthly subscription to @idealhomeuk magazine! • • If you made it this far then well done 😂 I’m always looking to discover other small brands so tag some in the comments below! Some of my faves are: my sister (tagged above) @kidofthevillage @heykiddostudio and @holmeandmoss 💛💛

This is my “Remember when instagram feeds were chronological and showed your content to more than 10% of your followers?” face. 😐 . . . . . . #stoneagefly   #curlynaturalhair   #curlyhair   #nycmusicians   #nycmusician   #instagramproblems   #screwthealgorithm   #bringbackchronological   #nycmodels  

You know what's dumb? Instagram. Woah woah stick with me here! I love Instagram and I love how it allows us to share and connect in ways that never used to be possible. BUT I think its dumb that Instagram serves its own interest above its users. You get to see my content if I post a shit ton on the regular, not if you just love seeing my stuff. So if I post less, when I do post it doesn't show into as many feeds which means you miss it. And that means that businesses are working their asses off to constantly post and struggling to find authentic relevant captions for things just so Instagram actually let's people see them. Does anyone even have enough interesting stuff to say to fill all those pics?! Several months ago I listened to a podcast from @youmightnotlikeit that was talking about how businesses focus more on getting new clients than providing the very best experience to the ones they already had. That hit home and I dropped insta like it was hot and devoted my working hours to 👏🏻 just 👏🏻 delivering. It was hard enough finding time and energy to get work done with a brand new babe let alone go through all my gorg wedding photos and come up with interesting captions. So all that to say. Instagram is dumb. But I miss you guys and I was thinking maybe you wanted to see a beautiful bride with a beautiful smile. No caption needed. No back to giving my existing couples all of my attention. #screwthealgorithm   #bourbonandbloom  

This little social media space is an odd thing. Suffice it to say, we all know that this medley of little squares doesn’t truly represent “real life” in all of its complexities, no matter how authentic one might aim to be. You can’t adequately portray the depth of reality in a curated little grid. To be certain, this space is yours to do with as you please. It can serve as an amazing catalyst for connection, and when used to share humanness and be open about struggles, it can also serve as a tool for healing. There can be immense value in leveraging this space to overcome challenges and enlist the collective help of others. On the other hand, there are absolutely also times where you just need to feel through things “off the grid.” To step away from the noise and just tune in to yourself. That’s where I’ve been the last few weeks. And it might seem counterintuitive to be sharing about how I was choosing not to share, but I promise there’s a point! It’s of immense value to balance and check in with yourself to see if you’re sharing yourself on here when it’s truly needed vs oversharing for sake of the app, the algorithm, or any other reason that truly doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I’m a HUGE fan of transparency here, but that doesn’t always need to mean sharing every little detail of what you’re feeling through. If you’ve been feeling forced to post, stretched to overshare, or grasping to create “authentic” content that doesn’t feel authentic to you, just pause. Reflect on what it is that you truly need right now. I could have easily posted recipes and other easy content over the last few weeks, but that just didn’t feel real to me at the time. I needed to just be, to sit with the struggles and spend more time curating my head and heart space than my social media space. If that has been you as well, I encourage you to step back. Focus in on your internal world. The app will still be here when you return. . . . #taketime   #presspause   #socialmediadetox   #mindbodyconnection   #mindbodybalance   #screwthealgorithm   #iamwellandgood   #cultivatewhatmatters   #lifeoflegacy   #selfcare  

✨As a women-led startup we refuse to play the Instagram game where we make everything look perfect, we’ll take this beautiful lady's advice and keep being our authentic self and create content that resonates with us and hope other women are inspired and believe in our Letter Boards that we truly poured our ❤hearts❤ into. Tap to buy one now we have Free Shipping for all you lovely people 📸@lifebymj (check out her page too, this is one amazing lady!) . . . . . . #motherhood   #ig_motherhood   #ohheymama   #motherhoodsimplified   #mommyblogger   #honestmotherhood   #motherhoodrising   #mymotherhood   #daily_parenting   #parenthood_unveiled   #parenthood_mood   #momlife   #toddlerlife   #parentingmemes   #letterboardsofinstagram   #womensupportingwomen   #screwthealgorithm  

Made some fresh blueberry muffins the other day and they’re wonderful! Personally I don’t like the new way my Instagram feed is being organized, I’m following 400 people and am seeing posts from 4 people. I want to see posts from everyone I’m following. I mean I am following them for a reason.. right? Too SEE their posts!! #blueberrymuffins   #fresh   #fromscratch   #handharvested   #freshlypicked   #blueberries   #minimuffins   #homemade   #justforyou   #allforme   #letsbefriends   #bestfriends   #screwthealgorithm   #fixmyfeed   #chronologicalfeed  

In light of there finally being a good bandwagon to jump on, I give you my progress shot! I love these types of posts because they are so real and not a pretty, filtered picture (which is nice, too). It is a nice break for a little real life! _____ If you caught my stories, I need to find a reasonably priced electrician and, if it a budgetable item, I can take the four cabinets over the sink down. Hopefully that will give this space a little room the breathe. _____ Here is my currenthomeview , one door missing (well behind me), wood filler filling holes, ideas being bounced around. _____ Here is to hoping I can find someone within budget!! _____ #progresspic   #kitchen   #kitchencabinets   #whitekitchen   #whitekitchencabinets   #smallaccountlove   #makehomeyourhaven   #unstyled   #reallifephoto   #screwthealgorithm   #before   #georgiahomeblogger  

me, giving a menacing character slit eyes to make them scary: hehehehehe me, knowing their slit pupils will expand by at least 50% when they see something that they like and make them look big dumb: HEHEHEHEHE -(his sweatshirt says "forever, my love" in Korean)- #comics   #comicartist   #artistsoninstagram   #characterdesign   #characterart   #screwthealgorithm   #cuties  

I've always had a love/hate relationship with this platform. I am a sensitive overthinker and I unfortunately let things get to me far too much than I should 🤷🏼‍♀️ ifonlytherewasaswitchtoturnthatoff . I am genuinely thankful for friendships formed, connections made and networking surrounding my business. Also that my family & friends on the other side of the world get to see my daily life ♡ . I am super creative so this outlet for me is to express that in a way that I choose. Filters and all. Because that's how I like my squares to look and that's just me and there is no right or wrong in that. donteditifyoudontwantto . This space is a place where people should be able to post whatever they want, when they want and how they want. screwthealgorithm I love following varied accounts/people from all over the world. They inspire & encourage me, support me and yes at times make me realise I am not alone in this crazy world of motherhood & small business. These are all reason's for me being here. . At the end of the day... you do you 😊✌🏼

Song: Good Grief by Bastille~ an antivillain progession i've been slacking on... swipe to see sketch version i guess - - - #illustration   #artistsoninstagram   #art   #screwthealgorithm   #characterart  

concept art for a character in my dnd campaign... at least now my murderhobos will know what they're looking for... ಥ-ಥ i just outed myself as a nerd but that's... that's fine... oh well #dnd   #dndcharacterart   #murderhobos   #characterdesign   #illustration   #artistsoninstagram   #screwthealgorithm  

19/500: I've been waffling on whether or not I wanted to start exploring this more traditional style. I think I finally realized one of the things holding me back was the concern about how it would be accepted, which is a tough thing to admit. But I decided, screw it, who cares if people like it? Maybe it's not what everyone wants to see, but it's what I want to do, and that's what's important. . . So, be prepared for some newer stuff from now on. Sometime in the near future, my homebrewer husband and I will be collaborating on some artwork for his beer labels, and I am so excited about that project 😁 Have a great Sunday! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #traditionalart   #traditionalartist   #penandinkart   #drawing   #instagramart   #artistsoninstagram   #screwthelikes   #screwthealgorithm   #oldschoolart   #artstagram   #oldgate   #blackandwhitedrawings   #500drawings   #amateurartist  

i really like this color scheme (ಢ⊱ಢ) just a skedoodle- swipe to see glitchy wack version also, yo, happy birthday america. "Rx" #colorscheme   #skedoodle   #artistsoninstagram   #screwthealgorithm  

It’s been about a week since I surrounded my garden with my crystals and my plants have FLOURISHED!🌱🌳 It’s honestly unbelievable how much bigger and healthier they’ve gotten since these pictures were taken 🤯😯😍💗 • 📸 𝒞𝓇𝑒𝒹𝒾𝓉 - @bitchinbeans420 • • • #RoseQuartz   #Rhodochrosite   #RedJasper   #BlueAgate   #BlueBandedAgate   #Agate   #DyedAgate   #MoonStone   #TumbledStones   #Garden   #CrystalHealing   #HealingCrystals   #RainDrops   #Nature   #CrystalCommunity  

This is me. Not caring how this “matches my gallery.” This is me not caring if you “like” this or not. This is me giving myself permission to be 100% me. This is also me giving you permission to do the same. 🖤 . . . . . . #mompreneur   #momtribe   #authenticity   #beyou   #beyourself   #stopapologizing   #thisisme   #screwthealgorithm   #beyourself   #entrepreneurlife   #entrepreneur   #instagramalgorithm   #beyou  

This Summer I'm sharing what I want when I want, focusing on making memories and capturing moments. ScrewTheAlgorithms, the "promote this" and "get more likes" that. SocialMeansSocial. 💜💙💚💛🧡❤

6 a.m. post-run selfie bc being in love with life is beautiful & so is taking time to watch the sun rise ☀️ #imrootingforyou   #screwthealgorithm  

Fantasy WIP June: Names - for the first three books they will be solidly Japanese. Honestly? It’s the surnames that are giving me fits! . World Building Quest: Sapient Species - kami, dragons, yōkai (and sundry supernatural beasties), humans. Oh, my. ⛩🎋🐉👹👺😈 [Mood board pics are a random sampling of my inspiration album.] . #screwthealgorithm   #greatwesternwoods   #worldbuildingquest   #fightthealgorithm   #fantasywipjune   #litloop   #writedreambelieve   #algorithmssuck   #wewillovercome   #theatlasdystopiaapocalyptica   #hayatethefox  

Aaaannnd on that same note of screwthealgorithm I am posting TWICE today ! Woohoo! . . Dang some of you really really helped on my last post and shared not only amazing resources, but your own personal opinions and I learned a lot about what I feel I should do going forward. . . I love that we live in a time where there are so many resources readily available on mental health, holistic approaches, and self help knowledge. . . I am always striving to better myself, self help has by far always been my favorite book genre. I hope to always be introspective and do the hard work that it takes to do the right thing. . . I never thought I’d be that person to not have a good relationship with a parent, but alas it is what it is. . . I am learning that sometimes others have to do the work on themselves before any mending can take place, that I need to not only SET boundaries but obey by them, and that I have to self-preserve because only I can be my own advocate.

Smiling because my last two posts seem to have said “SCREW YOU” to the @instagram algorithm - thanks for the love my dudes!🌻✨• • F A C E @goshsouthafrica primer plus (chameleon) @chick.cosmetics_ that cheek tho highlighter palette @pinkyrosecosmetics bright lights eyeshadow palette @kryolansouthafrica aqua paint (white) E Y E S / B R O W S @nyxcosmetics_sa lid lacquer (black) + worth the hype mascara L I P S @nyxcosmetics_sa butter gloss (black berry pie) H A I R @ikuhlerinternational_ lazer yellow #AFX_makeup  

Couldn’t choose which one to post so I am posting both. Michael is more than a feet taller than I am but I never realized how crazy the difference was until I saw these photos. I am wearing my tallest heels and I still look like a tiny minion next to him. Anyway, I decided that I am done trying to curate my Instagram and post more photos and whenever I want. #screwthealgorithm  

And in the end, the good vibes you take are equal to the good vibes you make.⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀ The recent change in Instagrams algorithm was a real kick to the ego... but then I remembered that social media isn't real and I felt better. It's also a good reminder to not put all of my eggs into the Instagram basket. My plan: start sharing good vibes and sharing my work to other sites like @behance and @dribbble. Who knows?! I may even update my website. ⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ Anybody else have plans for diversifying their sharing from just Instagram?⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ @illustration_daily⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ @illustrationartists⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ @weloveillustration⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ @myvisualcake⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ @thedesigntip⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ @closerandcloserco⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ @womenofillustration⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ @cool.girl.collective⁣⁣⁣⠀⠀ #relatablepost   #relatable   #goodvibes   #goodvibesonly   #sendingoutgoodvibes   #gowiththeflow   #abovethenoise   #dowhatyoulove   #screwthealgorithm   #rainbow   #myfavoritecolorisrainbow   #dribbbleartist   #behanceartist   #nobodysolvesaproblemlikemaria⁣   #leagueofunusualwomen   #womenwhodraw   #illustratorsoninstagram   #womenofillustration   #femaleillustrator   #procreateart   #procreateartist⠀  

It's 11 at night and I wanted to post. The algorithm should mean something to me. The more engagement I receive on a post through comments and likes means it shows up in more places and yada yada yada. Sometimes, I just want to post because it's a photo I want to share with all of you. Like my favorite ring shots. Or a cool venue I've scoped out (stay tuned for some ringers!!) We shouldn't have to focus on when we want to share what we want to share. It takes away from the whole concept of social media. All this to say, let's prove that me posting at 11pm on a Saturday night won't matter as much as posting during my prime window slot. Also, it's been a really good day and I wanted to share something beautiful with you. Have a fantastic night! Like and comment below! Maybe even tag a friend who has a pretty ring? Yes. Please do 😍😍

I made a vow to myself to only use this platform as long as I was being genuine. To not do it if it was for the likes or just to have something to post. And I have not been very genuine on here lately. And that makes me sad. There are enough people in the world who fill our feeds with stuff that is not genuine to who they are. I don’t want to be one of them. This is a place to share a little bit of my life with you all, and not all of it is pretty. Some of it is beautiful, and some of it is cracked and messy. There are tears and laughs, and bruises all over the place. But that’s what my life looks like. And I don’t ever want to pretend it’s something else just for some algorithm. #newme   #transformation   #screwthealgorithm   #genuine   #messy   #happy   #sad   #emotionsarenotbad   #begenuinetoday  

“That Higher Vibes Quartz Candle got me through some major downloads during meditation and truly helped me level up in life, so I will forever be grateful to you. Thank YOU! 🙏🏼✨ — @latasiadhami 💜 • Thank you, Latasia, for the special review and words of love 💞 for the Raven’s Hearth HIGHER VIBES Meditation Candle. Each candle contains a full-moon-charged Quartz and green tea 🍵 (YES!! Green Tea has many magical 🌝 properties, including increased energetic connection, banished negativity and creates a healthy, receptive atmosphere for meditation 🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️ and healing). • These candles are on sale in the shop today (available in Tins, Tea Lights and Votives). • Get FREE SHIPPING 📦today when you use the code SHIP4FREE at checkout. • Type 444 if you desire a deeper connection to your Spirit ⬇️⬇️⬇️ • • • #highervibes   #raiseyourvibration   #magick   #witchesofinstagram   #witch   #meditate   #intheflow   #mindfulness   #highervibration   #hippie   #newage   #crystals   #teamagic   #candles   #soycandles   #madeinla   #losangeles   #ravenshearth   #magicalgoodness🌙   #screwthealgorithm   #raiseyourvibration   #goodvibes   #smallbatch   #womanowned  

We have decorated , cleaned , organized ,DIYed, cooked and even folded laundry together. I am motivated to keep sharing with you guys because you have inspired me to open the doors of meikasa and go beyond just sharing pretty staged images but also showing you real life behind these squares. So with that being said... What else would you like to see from my page? Comment below with all your suggestions & advice ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #livingroominspo   #familyroom   #livingroomideas   #interiorview   #chesterfieldsofa   #traditionalglam   #traditionalinteriors   #neutraldecor   #elegantliving   #luxeinteriors   #diyblogger   #luxeliving   #zgalleriemoment   #meikasapowerhourcleaning   #meikasalaundrychallenge   #rugsofinstagram   #home_design68   #homesofinstagram   #interior4u   #arquiteturainteriores   #decoracaointeriores   #atlantarealestate   #luxuryhouses   #interiordesigninspiration   #atlantablogger   #coffeetabledecor   #gallerywalldecor   #10kwithK  

☁️ Clouds ☁️ I drew this a couple of weeks ago, but I still like it. It’s a little less realistic than normal, but I wanted to do something cloud related, and I’m getting more into surrealism, so here ya go. App: @procreate • • • #applepencilart   #digitalartist   #digitalart   #clouds   #illust   #illustration   #drawing   #art   #artist   #screwthealgorithm  

Deleted this adorable Valentine’s Day pic yesterday because I posted too late in the day + it wasn’t even the 14th in the US yet... Soooooo here we are, giving it a second whirl on the 15th 😒😂🤷🏻‍♀️❤️💖 Whatever. I love you internet humans that are real humans. I love Jesus and Nate and my fam bam and friends, dinosaurs, lattes and sleep. You knooooowwww the ush..yoush? How do you even spell that? (short version of usual..🤔...comments welcome). . Happy Feb 14th on the 15th. Now show me some insta love and double tap zee foto. YOU IS DUH BEST BOO. Have a kick ass Friday mmmmkaaayyy. #galantinesday   #valentinesday   #adaylate   #kohlipe   #thailand   #screwthealgorithm   #what?   #dayofluv   #friyay  

Day 21 meetthemaker THROW BACK This is chic Mama, one of the first collection of Mamas I painted for Awesome Mama. My style has evolved and become more intricate since starting, but I still love these dot eye women. I think I need to bring a few back. I may go a bit mad on Stories today witg throw backs as inspired by @inkandtot She's created a new freelance art account @hannahraymondillustration for art thats not just parent or child related. With this in mind, I'm reviving my other art account with a new name @swmillustration for the same reason. My husband said to me recently that I "hide" behind my brand. Which is sort of true. So this second account will be about any art that I create, without the fear of not pleasing everyone else. It's just me and my 'stuff'. So go follow if you fancy ✌🏼 . . . . #meetthemaker   #illustration   #artforartssake   #instaartist   #illustrationartist   #mamaartist   #womenwithpencils   #screwthealgorithm  

Mum sent me this super cute card! I've been so inactive recently sorry! Basically life has been a bit hectic. I start my new job on Monday which is going to challenge everything I'm used to. Then I have had (more!) housing issues - a house has started to be built IN MY GARDEN and when I asked about planning permission my landlord told me I have to move within the next month. I was so panicky about this at first but I got my ass in gear and found myself a lovely little flat so actually it's worked out really well! This does mean that I am starting a new job, moving house and I'll be going away for a weeks training all in the next two weeks! With regards to my insta account I think I've had a problem with feeling like I've always got to post about anorexia and tbh there's a lot more to me than that! I still want to do updates and things but I might go back to posting about beauty, books, art (like this drawing) and my other interests too. I am more than my diagnosis and for some reason I don't feel like I can show that on here - maybe because I get more likes for anorexia related posts? And I feel a pressure to post pictures of me, which is also problematic as I am really having a hard time with body dysmorphia at the moment, which has worsened for my face as well as the rest of me. So, all in all I'm going to say screw the algorithm and post what I'd like! - - - #instaart   #instadrawing   #drawing   #art   #artbyme   #arttherapy   #grateful   #mentalhealth   #mentalhealthawareness   #anorexiarecovery   #screwthealgorithm   #anorexia   #anarecovery   #bodydysmorphia   #bdd   #anorexianervosarecovery   #eatingdisorderrecovery   #edrecovery   #anxiety   #newjob   #newhouse  

Between launching the new site (soonish), Instagram shutting down and my mid life crises/melt downs, I’m still here, but taking it slow and easy.

Anyone else feeling discouraged about IG lately? It’s hard to not think about the numbers, but when you’re losing followers by the minute it makes you wonder why. I blame the algorithm and have decided that I’m no longer trying to “beat” it. I’m going to post when I feel like it and continue to encourage others and have real community. I love this little bubble here and I’m so thankful for all of you who have stuck with us during our move and my lack of posting new content. I promise I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere! ❤️

I’m not going to lie, being the new kid on the block on Instagram is hard these days. All the changes in the algorithm means it’s harder then ever for the little guy to get noticed so sometimes you have to take things into your own hands!! What better way to do that then to have the mother of all sales. After all it’s all about getting your products out there so hopefully at these prices you won’t be able to resist. Please help us spread the word by tagging some friends in the comments who you think might be interested!! And don’t forget £2 from each and every item sold goes to our childrens charity of the month!!😘 @jgemakas looking as beautiful as ever. #sale   #megasale   #screwthealgorithm   #kidsfashion   #brndspprtgrp  

Deleted this adorable Valentine’s Day pic yesterday because I posted too late in the day + it wasn’t even the 14th in the US yet... Soooooo here we are, giving it a second whirl on the 15th 😒😂🤷🏻‍♀️❤️💖 Whatever. I love you internet humans that are real humans. I love Jesus and Nate and my fam bam and friends, dinosaurs, lattes and sleep. You knooooowwww the ush..yoush? How do you even spell that? (short version of usual..🤔...comments welcome). . Happy Feb 14th on the 15th. Now show me some insta love and double tap zee foto. YOU IS DUH BEST BOO. Have a kick ass Friday mmmmkaaayyy. #galantinesday   #valentinesday   #adaylate   #kohlipe   #thailand   #screwthealgorithm   #what?   #dayofluv   #friyay  

These are some [more] images I love that most speak to my aesthetic leanings, but haven’t performed well on Instagram, according to my stats. (2of2) #whatisgoodcontentanyway   screwthealgorithm . . . . #lainteriordesigner   #dwellhomes   #mydomaine   #interiordesign   #currentdesignsituation   #bhghome   #modernantique   #interiorstyling   #homewithrue   #designerthoughts  

These are some images I love that most speak to my aesthetic leanings but haven’t performed well on Instagram, according to my stats. (1of2) #whatisgoodcontentanyway   screwthealgorithm . . . . . #lainteriordesigner   #dwellhomes   #mydomaine   #interiordesign   #currentdesignsituation   #homewithrue   #modernantique   #interiorstyling  

If Instagram's new algorithm makes you wanna scream at the sky clap your hands~! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 For real though. Who else is getting screwed over by this? This is getting to the point where I'm not seeing posts from everyone I'd like to see. It's ridiculous. I just wanna see things in orderrrrrrr. 😭

Please give this a good read. . . . So I’ve noticed a significant drop in my likes on my pictures. Every time we update our Instagram we tend to just hit the “I accept” button instead of actually reading what changes they’ve made. WELL what some of those changes are doing is causing small businesses to hurt. Making them pay to promote their photos instead of allowing your friends to actually see them. PLEASE If you see this like it and comment ANYTHING. A simple “yes” if you saw this. A comment on how this algorithm is hurting you as well. An emoji. Anything! Interaction helps keep your posts in your friends timelines. As for me, I’m going to try to share more interactive posts . . . #smallbusiness   #screwthealgorithm  

i can’t wait for the tour to start up again. I am getting more and more excited as my show approaches!!! - have you been/are you going to the bandito tour? - - - - - [tags] #yellowcirclesfortyler   #screwthealgorithm   #screwinstagram   #jebby   #debbyryan   #tylerjoseph   #wearebanditos   #joshuadun   #joshdun   #tyjo   #tøp   #twentyonepilots   #trench   #welcometotrench   #clique   #skeletonclique   #cliquepoetry   #bandito   #banditotour   #blurryface   #vessel   #selftitled   #regionalatbest   #npi   #ashleydun   #secretmidnightpress   #lenstoseebehindthesky  

Heres to me giving up. It can get so demotivating when your photos don't get seen on Instagram. I have recently found myself getting stuck in the trap cycle of trying to post at the "right" time, trying to get the "right image" trying to maintain the "right feed. To be honest, it's not helped me or my page. So here's a completely unusual photo from me at the @lorealmakeup event which had some awesome photo opps. #screwthealgorithm   #justnadiene   #justme   #selflove   #instagram  

I picked up my textbooks today and found this on the shelf. there was one copy and I couldn’t resist. I want to read about how we got our name. - - - - - - - - [tags] #yellowcirclesfortyler   #screwthealgorithm   #screwinstagram   #jebby   #debbyryan   #tylerjoseph   #wearebanditos   #joshuadun   #joshdun   #tyjo   #tøp   #twentyonepilots   #trench   #welcometotrench   #clique   #skeletonclique   #cliquepoetry   #bandito   #banditotour   #blurryface   #vessel   #selftitled   #regionalatbest   #npi   #ashleydun   #secretmidnightpress   #lenstoseebehindthesky  

PEEK-a-BOO 🙈 been a busy week and I haven't been able to get on my phone whilst I've been training... yeah its been hell and I havent had a chance to catch up with you awesome humans 😓. Hows your weekend looking?? 🖤🖤I'm not looking so glamourous in scrubs so thought I'd post this lush pic from a set with @mattpaynefilm using his amazing vintagefilm skills 🖤🖤 Busy booking some more shoots... I'm thinking I want to do some more fashion shoots. All thoughts welcome! I don't care that the algorithm tells me Saturday is the worst day to post. I miss you guys way too much 🙈 ____________________________________________ DM to collaborate 📸 explicit content on patreon (link in bio) 🖤 ____________________________________________ #instagood   #sgh   #sghuk   #portraitphotography   #portrait   #grunge   #alternativefashion   #altmodel   #paleskin   #trending   #ukmodel   #ukphotography   #screwthealgorithm   #35mm   #purplehair   #screwthealgorithm  

@tylerrjoseph you should probably change your profile pic. Instagram is deleting accounts that impersonate celebrities. The clique is all using yellow circles now. yellowcirclesfortyler - Guys tag him so that he sees this before he gets deactivated! - EDIT: THIS POST IS A JOKE I KNOW HE’S VERIFIED - - - - - [tags] #yellowcirclesfortyler   #screwthealgorithm   #screwinstagram   #jebby   #debbyryan   #tylerjoseph   #wearebanditos   #joshuadun   #joshdun   #tyjo   #tøp   #twentyonepilots   #trench   #welcometotrench   #clique   #skeletonclique   #cliquepoetry   #bandito   #banditotour   #blurryface   #vessel   #selftitled   #regionalatbest   #npi   #ashleydun   #secretmidnightpress   #lenstoseebehindthesky  

I want to start engaging with more of you! 🖤🖤 so greatful for how much my following has grown this year, but that means its not always easy to stay in touch 😕 Since instagram changed its algorithm even less of you see my posts than you used to 💔 So let's change that before the newyear starts and let's screw up instagram 😂 if you see this post drop me a like and say hi below- even wave a little if you like! If you really want to go nuts drop me a dm and turn on your post notifications!! I'd love to know more of you awesome people 🖤🖤 and thank more of you for your love and support. Here's a throwback to one of my first shoots to celebrate!! If this goes well there will be some exciting updates and giveaways to come 🖤 ____________________________________________ DM to collaborate 📸 explicit content on patreon (link in bio) 🖤 ____________________________________________ #instagood   #sgh   #sghuk   #portraitphotography   #portrait   #grunge   #alternativefashion   #altmodel   #paleskin   #trending   #ukmodel   #ukphotography   #screwthealgorithm  

I’m honoured that someone took the time to spray paint me onto this wall 🎨 I really am... torontograffiti 👌😜 Kidding Kidding. Amazing work though, I would really like to know who made this. . I love living in Toronto, and actually (now) having the time to explore the city. 🌃🌲 I haven’t even scratched the surface of what is out there, and that goes for amazing Art like this, restaurants, food & drinks, architecture, people, etc. . If we can just get a hold of these inflated real-estate prices 📈📈📈🏡 then I think Toronto will be a great place for many years to come. . . . Next post will be food 😉 don’t you worry. @boltonsbites . . . . . #boltonsbites   #graffiti   #the6ix   #toronto_insta   #screwthealgorithm  

A tree in jail #ScrewTheAlgorithm  

I’ve been told late Saturday night is probably not the best time to post on Instagram but these macarons had their glamour shots today and I can’t wait to share them! 💁🏼‍♀️ screwthealgorithm SPRINKLES: @sweetapolita . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #cookies   #customcookies   #sugarcookies   #royalicing   #idaho   #boise   #baking   #boisebaker   #ohitsperfect   #bakeandshare   #hellomeridian   #gloobyfood   #thefeedfeed   #thebakefeed   #feedfeed   #sweetcuisines   #bakedfromscratch   #bakersofinstagram   #sweettreats   #cookieconnection   #sweetsugarbelle   #macarons   #macaron   #macaronstagram   #macaronsofinstagram   #macaronslady   #sweetapolita   #sweetapolitasprinkles   #sprinkles  

Comment below 👇🏼 Cheers from Germany 🍻 #watchfam  

There’s just something about love that is so beautiful and perfect...to take someone’s hand and leap headlong into your future together. It’s not going to be easy, and sometimes you’ll wonder just what you were thinking...but it’ll be worth it. . Photo: @laurenbakerphoto Hair and makeup: @natalielannersmua and @winterartistry Planning: @jaimeevents Florals: @lilyofthelakes Jewels: @auntiekaysaccessories Video: @m_squared_pro Dress: @beautybydesignmn . #screwthealgorithm   #insomnia   #smallbusinessowner   #cornerstonestudiosmpls   #coworkingspace   #cornerstonestudiosmn   #friendors   #wedding   #love   #styledshoot   #handmade   #luxury   #officespace   #creativeworkspace   #workwithyourfriends   #partners   #youcandoit   #wecanhelp  

You may or may not notice, my etsy shop name has changed to match IG! 😄 It's a small adjustment but will really help me to streamline paperwork (boring, right). All my old links will still work, and if you've bought from me, you will still see my old name next to my new name in your order history. 👍 I'm also planning on bringing back crochet goods soon! Thanks for all your support over the years!! 🙏💗 . . . #666   #gratitude   #patience   #supportsmallbusiness   #buysmall   #screwthealgorithm   #shinyrocks   #quartzfordays   #labradorite   #catsandcrystals   #weirdcrochet   #alisonchainz   #thankyou   #givethanks   #stayhumble   #goodvibesonly  

Let your energy introduce you when you walk into any room. Whether you realize it or not, our vibes are louder than any words we can speak. ⬖ Recently I’ve been feeling drained by the change in the air and this culture of always feeling this need to be “on”. As a brand strategist I have to be on top of the changes in social media and on it consistently. But I think it’s important to speakyourmind and takeastand on something that can be so powerful and great but crushing hearts along the way. ⬖ People often ask me how to stand out with their social media, how to beat the algorithm- and I have a definitive opinion on this as I’ve seen so many different people in all different categories “beat the algorithm” without even trying. So if you’re struggling with that on days you just need space, here is whatiknowforsure - there is no algorithm; no measure of success, and nothing on this earth that is worth sacrificing your own peaceofmind - and that when you are not in your own pursuitofhappiness and relentless pursuit of your dreams, you will always be fighting the ordinary rules other people have put in front of you. ⬖ There is nothing more powerful than your own love of yourself and your own life. Let THAT be the algorithm we all can live by. I call it your own personal blueprint for success. Just remember, whatever you do, #happinessisthekey   #screwthealgorithm   #whpkindness  

Repost @lobellaloves_jo because this is exactly what we’re doing tomorrow too 🖤 See you on Sunday mamas 🌟 ・・・ SWITCH OFF: It’s that time of week again when I power-down from Instagram and take time off until Sunday morning. I started this after I took a month off the gram and felt SO much better for it, so in a bid to hold on to some of that calm and to stick two fingers up to the algorithm - I now step back once a week and show it can be done for SwitchOffSaturday. I used to feel trapped and on a relentless content cycle. So much content but I was not content myself! I had to be here, my business was here, a large slice of my life was here, so many DMs to answer, comments to respond to, scrolling to do.... BUT do you know what? Nothing changes, nothing matters. There is a choice. Even after a month break, no big shakes, no big fall out. The world continued to spin but the change was inside me was enormous. I felt so much calmer and reconnected with my life and the people in it. Now I genuinely look forward to my weekly switch off, it’s become an essential part of my week and my selfcare. If you’re contemplating it, why not give it a whirl, it’s just a day but the impact could be huge. 🆘📱🆘📱🆘📱 #switchoffsaturday   #digitaldetox   #sos   #disconnecttoreconnect   #antisocialmedia   #screwthealgorithm   #burnout   #selfcare   #selfcareisntselfish   #mentalhealthawareness  

SWITCH OFF: It’s that time of week again when I power-down from Instagram and take time off until Sunday morning. I started this after I took a month off the gram and felt SO much better for it, so in a bid to hold on to some of that calm and to stick two fingers up to the algorithm - I now step back once a week and show it can be done for SwitchOffSaturday. I used to feel trapped and on a relentless content cycle. So much content but I was not content myself! I had to be here, my business was here, a large slice of my life was here, so many DMs to answer, comments to respond to, scrolling to do.... BUT do you know what? Nothing changes, nothing matters. There is a choice. Even after a month break, no big shakes, no big fall out. The world continued to spin but the change was inside me was enormous. I felt so much calmer and reconnected with my life and the people in it. Now I genuinely look forward to my weekly switch off, it’s become an essential part of my week and my selfcare. If you’re contemplating it, why not give it a whirl, it’s just a day but the impact could be huge. 🆘📱🆘📱🆘📱 #switchoffsaturday   #digitaldetox   #sos   #disconnecttoreconnect   #antisocialmedia   #screwthealgorithm   #burnout   #selfcare   #selfcareisntselfish   #mentalhealthawareness  

You might be my kinda couple if you put your beer in the lake that you’re eloping next to🌿🏔....let’s just say I LOVE the unplanned, spontaneity of eloping and I can’t wait to shoot more! . . Hit the link in my bio, Allison and Susuks’ mountain elopement just hit the blog 😍 . . P.S. the websites LIVE 😆 #elopementwedding   #pnwphotographer   #elopementlove   #elopementphotographer   #weddingphotographer   #tacomaweddingphotographer   #seattleweddingphotographer   #portlandweddingphotographer   #washingtonphotographer   #oregonphotographer   #engagementphotographer   #pnwonderland   #ashandvinephoto   #radlovestories   #blackandwhite   #screwthealgorithm  

Can you be “prescribed” a social media break? Yes you can... Just over a month ago my counsellor looked me in the eye, told me she had been concerned about me for sometime and that I was burned out. She said if I had a normal job she’d be recommending I take a break immediately for a good few weeks. But I don’t have a normal job - I own my own business and most of what I do I do here on social media. I share a lot, publicly on stories, in posts but also privately on many many DMs. And I’m gunna be honest the DMs are a lovely way to connect but the volume is a killer. The lines between my life and work were very blurry, if not totally non-existent. My boundaries didn’t exist. I felt the pressure to be available 24/7, to make sure no one was left “hanging in my DMs”, no one who needed help was unanswered and to relentlessly feed the hungry algorithm its constant fix of content. Meaning it was so easy to pour myself mentally, physically and emotionally into it all to the point of burning out. So, back to my counsellor - a little negotiation on my behalf we settled on me taking one week off. Even as she said it, It didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I thought it would and I think that’s what happens when someone is telling you what you already know. I needed a rest, to unplug, step back, heal and regroup. It took longer than I thought, and I ended up with almost a month away from the squares, but I’m back and tentatively trying to work out how to move forward gently and not be sucked back into the whirlwind. Any and all tips welcome! I’m going to be trying out things as the weeks go by and sharing them with you... first you’ll see in my TOOLKITS highlights is the new iPhone features about how much screen time we are consuming and where (hello Instagram 👋🏻) which are shocking to say the least! 💕💕💕 #burnout   #prescribeddigitaldetox   #antisocialmedia   #screwthealgorithm   #unplug   #disconnecttoreconnect  

Talk about latergram! I was up early and out the door by 4:55am to start my 45min “easy” run. While waking up early isn’t my favorite, I do think giving myself this “quality time” at the very start of my busy work week had an impact on my overall attitude for the rest of the day. My mind was fresh and I wasn’t ruminating over too much since I was well rested. Not to mention that the temp had dropped and the moon was gorgeous (iPhone 6s camera cannot do justice, time to upgrade I guess 🙃) so overall I was definitely a happy runner this morning. Did you start your day with a run or workout?! . . . . . . #runningismytherapy   #running   #runhappy   #nrc   #nikerunning   #nikerunningclub   #runnershigh   #qualitytime   #marathontraining   #screwthealgorithm   #runhouston   #runhou   #morningrun   #fullmoon   #moonlightrun   #runhappy   #motherrunner   #momswhorun   #runningmotivation   #runnersofinstagram   #runstagram   #instarunners  

JOMO: Joy. Of. Missing. Out 💕 Forget FOMO it’s all about JOMO. I have to hold my hands up, this post wouldn’t have resonated at all with me a few short weeks’ ago, but BOY does it now. I’ve had so many DMs saying how hard it would be to disconnect totally and not be tempted to go on for a quick “scroll/stalk” for fear of missing something... but can I let you into a bit of a game-changing secret, none of it actually matters, so you honestly miss nothing! When you unplug and reconnect with real life/family and friends, the insta FOMO and need to know who is saying/wearing/attending what just disappears. POOF...it’s gone, like a crazy magic trick. You just don’t care. It’s liberating! Don’t get me wrong, I do love the Gram really, but it’s about taking back control from the mindless scrolling, the soul destroying comparisons, the wasted hours, the pressure to answer DMs or constantly feed the algorithm (in my mind, the algorithm is a little content-hungry gremlin that needs to be fed ALL THE TIME!) and making the technology work for us rather than us being slaves to it! So let’s all start small tomorrow and take a day off together with me for switchoffsaturday 🆘📱🆘📱🆘 #sos   #jomonotfomo   #jomo   #unplug   #digitaldetox   #mentalhealthawareness   #maternalmentalhealth   screwthealgorithm (Self Love Club Tee is an exclusive @lobellaloves collab for us by @awesomemamaillustration and was gifted - link in bio to shop, oh and the specs are @baileynelsonuk these are Wallace - lots of DMs on this one so adding this info in! And in the interests of clarity they were also gifted but I’m not sure if I need to say that every time I wear them as I have disclosed it before and they are my glasses I wear a lot so is a bit of a boring one to keep saying over and over and over but hey ho!) x

SWITCH OFF SATURDAY: You voted and the winning hashtag is SwitchOffSaturday 🎉🎉🎉 which coincidentally nicely acronyms to SOS... 🆘 you couldn’t make it up could you?! So here’s the deal, anyone who’s with me share this image on your feed or stories today/tonight/tomorrow using the hashtag SwitchOffSaturday and then take a day off tomorrow, delete the app if necessary to avoid peeking, reconnect, rejuvenate, and come back Sunday refreshed and hopefully relaxed! 🆘📱 🆘📱🆘📱🆘📱🆘📱 #switchoffsaturday   #digitaldetox   #screwthealgorithm   #mentalhealthawareness  

BREAK: This is a note from my phone the day I decided to have a break from Instagram almost a month ago. The day my world went quiet. Very very wonderfully and strangely quiet. At the time I battled within myself about switching these squares off, despite knowing inside something really needed to give. I was exhausted and overwhelmed but I felt locked in, that there was no choice but to ride the relentless Merry-Go-Round of post, comment, like, story and repeat. This is where I help people, this is where my business is, my friends are and my life for the past two years. But I felt shackled to the algorithm, worried about the punishment it would dole out if I dared stop feeding it with the content it craves. So I wrote this note, and decided as the pros just pipped the cons to the post, I’d allow myself to take ONE week off after being diagnosed with Burn Out, but it turned out I needed quite a bit lot longer! #burnout   #screwthealgorithm   #imback   #youprobablydidntevennoticeiwasgone   #itsoknottobeok  

SCROLL TIME: Has anyone digitally detoxed? Taken a break whilst also running a business? Can it be done?...I’m not sure it’s the whole answer to the problem, but it’s positive to see instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom confirming that Instagram is building this Usage Insights feature to help us monitor how much time we are spending on the app and set limits (due to be rolled out soon). “We’re building tools that will help the IG community know more about the time they spend on Instagram – any time should be positive and intentional . . . Understanding how time online impacts people is important, and it’s the responsibility of all companies to be honest about this. We want to be part of the solution. I take that responsibility seriously.” And while I think there is much more that could be done, it sounds like Instagram is willing to endure a potential reduction in usage and ad views to be serve the mental health of its community #screwthealgorithm   #scrolltime   #socialmediamentalhealth   #mentalhealthawareness   #depressionwearslippy   #igmentalhealth