This story happend when I was 4 years old.. My grandparents would always say that I would stare outside of our window saying that, "papasukin nyo ug lalaki magisa lang sha sa labas" let that man in he's standing all alone..

Twitter is like a blackbox for most people n it really shows a very unknown dark side of the soul..

Packing up and can鈥檛 believe I still have this! Started reading this book when I was 9 or 10. Shows my love for the scary has been deep rooted in me for a long time! 鉂わ笍

Steves in the novel Vocation of a Gadfly would find this devilishly hilarious, which ironically is so apropos. 馃槇 馃槀 About the book:

Surprised I鈥檝e never seen anyone do this. Not perfect, but I tried to have them make some sense based on the story they are from... others I thought fit for some vague reason.

.. This is among the scary stories I used to tell in the dark..3 years ago..

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