Day 336. Coraltine 🙏💙 . . . I'm drawing a shark every day for a year, thank you for following and supporting me 💙🙏 Shark bless --------------------------------------------

Happy ! This cutie is a leopard shark and they live all along our coast. They are harmless to humans but watch out if you're a 🦀 🐟 🦑 🐙 ! 📸: Jonathan Lavan

. has been active in Mexico for many years, but today we filed the first ever lawsuit under their endangered species protection law to protect beautiful hammerhead sharks.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, began applying the regulation period on shark, safi, sheri fishing and trade, aiming to preserve the sustainability of fish wealth in Dubai.

Great and plural working environment. And, to be honest, great surfing too! And great tacos. And great sunsets. And tons of exciting and stimulating new projects.

After Wildlife officials seize 1,400 pounds of shark fins in Miami a couple of weeks ago it looks like the shark fin trade might come to an end 🙌

Please enjoy my art work of a shark whose species is endangered and needs your understanding, your love, and your support.

Setting the record straight on diving with sharks and what and WHAT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT constitute 'shark education' behaviour from expert

Just got back from Hawaii to celebrate my 50th birthday. Swam with 36 sharks 3 miles offshore in the bluest water you've ever seen.

I'm so sick of animals dying I'm gonna start reusing my paper straws.

“4ocean will remove one pound of trash from the ocean for each individual social post including and ” (posted by )

Though I absolutely love my job (teaching high school), my unrealistic dream job would be writing full-time and/or being a shark researcher. All day with the ocean & rows of teeth? Yes, please!🦈🦈

“Sharks are big ocean predators; they take years to grow to maturity and have a relatively long life span.” “There is no such thing as sustainable harvesting of sharks”

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