CES 2020: Robot Vacuums That Don鈥檛 Repeat Mistakes, and Other Little Fixes to Life鈥檚 Annoyances

馃毃馃毃4/6 Giveaway Alert馃毃馃毃 Fernando Tatis Jr. 2019 Topps Update Series US56 RC Just need to follow and RT to enter.

I've spent the last couple of weeks talking to farmworkers, farmers and others in 's agricultural industry to better understand how is affecting their lives. Here's what I found. (thread)

Before trump raised his profile, Little Peter Navarro was a failed politician in . In fact, he ran 3 or 4 times for different offices, including mayor, and lost every time. Do you know who else failed at trying to become San Diego's mayor? 's dad.

Hitting Twitter AGAIN to see if anybody else just felt another small wave?

Apparently we are at the 鈥渉omemade California burrito鈥 stage of self-quarantine . – at Friendship

I finally made over 100 masks! 115 exactly! I'm so thankful for all the support! The nurses, and medical professionals are loving them!!

Earthquake in . Because that鈥檚 what we all need right now.

Just felt an earthquake I believe in - anyone else?

Feel an earthquake... HURRY GO TO TWITTER are we gonna die?

Earthquake in North Park just now. WTF.

UPDATE: The curve in San Diego is NOT flattening! 馃毃 New COVID-19 Cases: 117 Deaths: 16 馃毃馃毃 Total Cases in San Diego County: 966 馃毃馃毃馃毃 STAY HOME!

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