'Everything is out of our control': eases into == It is the most extreme measure taken nationwide, altho New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he is considering something similar by the end of the week. via

—Just after sunset Monday evening, a line of men about a half-block long waited for a dinner of tacos and nachos dished out by three gloved servers in front of the Union Gospel Mission. The f ...

MODERN is the sole creation of and their deluded followers. This will occur all over the country if Democrats win in 2020. . PS: I was born there, will never return.

I was born in during WWII. It was a beautiful place to live. policies have turned it, and all of California, into a social disaster. This should be an object lesson for all of America.

TBT April 2019. My favorite city corner. Every time I'm here I'm tempted to take a picture. ⁣Is there a place that you can't take enough photos of?⁣⁣ ⁣

I was born in during WWII, long before anything like this existed. It was a nice place then. I would never go back now and people are leaving by the hundreds. It's now a .

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