"In there is a delusion before the city: angry citizens and merchants (and not a little) against and : "We have no more money to feed our children!"

What's the human cost of making social housing scarce? Penny Gurstein and Patrick Condon commented on social housing and single moms facing discrimination in the housing market.

'' in Italian means hall and '' means conferences. So, a benign Italian name for a conference banquet in a hotel in Italy...😂🤣😂

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This is it. This is . "A Doctor with absolutely no f*cks left to give; grabs a microphone & absolutely DESTROYS Dems and their nation wide corona virus shut down." via

Someone who puts the subtitles in English? We should add this video to that of the mayors 🤣

I forgot to post this here .-. So this is , my new DV, but I'll have to re-oto her Voicebank

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