In when Carter hands Lee his badge to fake it and looks at it and his first comment is “this won’t work... I’m not 6’1”’ 😂💀 how all of America should be lol

pandemic ride number 98. Tomorrow morning 99 Tomorrow afternoon 💯

If you find yourself upset during , inhale or diffuse the Forgive Renewing Blend.

pandemic commute #96. A lot of people walking around today. So pleasant with less cars.

In Rush Hour (1998) Chris Tucker's character takes Jackie Chan's character to the Grauman's Chinese Theater and shows him the footprints of John Wayne. Jackie Chan later went on to spoof Wayne's name in Shanghai Noon (2000) playing Chon Wang.

Carter: “Don’t you ever touch a black man’s radio, boy. You can do that in China but you can get you ass killed out here, man.”

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