: Understanding – and overcoming – racism (book review) I finished reading two important books on race and identity: Angela Saini’s “Superior: The Return of Race Science” and Jennifer Eberhardt’s “Bias: The New Science of Race and Ineq…

: RT : Judge in Flynn case hired an attorney to represent him in appeals court review of his actions. This is not allowed because Judge Sullivan is not a party or respondent. He is not entitled to have counsel make an appearance. The circuit …

: RT : Moreover, if Sullivan discussed his thoughts about the case with private counsel, hasn’t he engaged in improper “ex parte” communications about a pending case on which he has not yet ruled?

: RT : The new Dictation in Word for the web is available now to all users. Create content with your voice in with a new dictation toolbar, suggestions experience, auto-punctuation support, and six new…

: RT : Have an idea for ? Tell us through the Outlook UserVoice forum. Learn more:

: Thank You Sir, we received call from your office. Waiting for doctors to come and take samples. Great help!!

: Sir as you requested sharing address and phone number 111/953 nirmal apartment, opp. Jaymangal brts stand, sola road, naranpura, 380063 Dr Hardik Shah 9429963928

: RT : : RT : Government please proceed with the test to reduce the pain of common people in the city/state/country. This is the time when common people needs you as They are totally depends on you.…

: RT : : RT : Action should be taken on immediate basis. Government should have to feel individual's pain. They cant be irresponsible like this.

: Buffett just purchased stock Formula One Group wow this mid cap will go crazy tomorrow

: Updated 2020 Stanley Cup Betting Odds (Blues were 40 to 1 last year at start of playoffs)

: Hey are you going to discuss this on CNBC Fast Money Halftime tomorrow?

: RT : Milton Berg is the guy who has that analysis (no need to be so secretive mate!).

: RT : - also previously discussed as a possibility this week, the Nasdaq completed its combo 13 sell today, and also printed a combo 1B version 13 sell as well. ugly candle to boot.

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