August 7 is International Day! A frosty one for the middle of summer -- perfect! And with it, how about some Beer Nuts, invented (1953) and still manufactured in , IL, on . More geo trivia at

cycled the magical 100 miles today... 101.5 to be exact... the old legs still have it !!!!

Help me, I need a road trip, a real road trip. I wanna down the great open highway and feel the wind in my hair. I wanna get my kicks on , Please give me a free rental 🚗🛣️🚕

almost 700 miles done since July 1st on my Route 66 challenge... tonights ride gained me my 30% certificate... BIG ride planned for Thursday... sun crean n fluids at the ready !!!

There was that old man there, who asked about my ride and was very polite and nice. After i finished my breakfast and asked for the bill, watiress told me, that that old man already paid for my breakfast!!! That a surprise! Well, i paid for his next breakfast there)

A Portland, Ore.-based developer plans to open the renovated Monterey Motel next month on in Albuquerque, according to Downtown Albuquerque News & Route 66 News. The motel is nearly 75 years old. The same developer did a thorough renovation of the nearby El Vado Motel.

Was there in the summer of 2018. My wife and I have done start to finish. We were planning on spending some more time on The Mother Road again this summer, but scrapped that idea because of the covid BS. Couldn't agree with you more about the journey.

BNSF & Route 66 on a nice hot evening in Kingman Canyon in July = heaven.

Well low key random but decided to just hit the road today and drive to Chicago 🚗💨

So proud of our team of cyclists who have covered the distance to raise money for accessible cycling equipment. Please show your support on the link below.

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