She followed the signs to a one-lane gravel road. The path veered closer to the , and the guardrail had rusted away. She never saw the tentacles that snatched the car like prey once it was close enough. They found her car but not her body.

It was her existential pool, the place where she dipped her toes and considered her reflection. Considered the ripples of her being, repeating over and over. Considered the question of existence-specifically hers. It was fed by a of vanity, and it was shallow.

"A of dreams" she whispered as she looked at the true wealth before her. The king thought they had it all,money,land, power. Their lives were about to get so much richer.The queen smiled at the three new cribs set before her.Just wait until she told him tonight.

You are the wildest To meet my quietest sea -jplw-

“Looks like we have to take a . Should we try the or the ?” “Do you think the zombies can swim?” “Probably not, but they might float.” “Let’s try the freeway then.”

"Mama, why do we live on a ?" "Because if I die on land the Crooked Ferryman won't find me, and my soul will be lost." "He sounds like a bad man." "He is, and one day he'll take me, then you shall wait on the river with your daughter, just as my mother did."

They passed the Tennessee To the Ohio, Locking thru the dams On the at dawn. Spied their silhouettes in the orange Horizon. All them babies floating face down. What is this world coming to? When Jesus collect their tiny souls Will the devil court their murderer?

“To run until you’re nothin, sounds a lot like bein free” thanks for that one

Wise gentle intuitive magical forever weeping into the memory keeper liife force nurturer chalk Lavant The circle of all -living and dead Lavant

since doesn’t wanna give us tiktok dance challenges like renegade and savage i took it upon myself to create it,,, sorry alices you had to see this 💛💙 ’s blindfolded those are not shades

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