Nunavut, 2018. #film   #35mm   #kodak   #portra400   #rentalmag  

Benja y la magia del sur 🌅🌱 @paisdefiestas

➔ Étude ... ©️Anna Condo

📷 > @fmoranphoto

Purple time. Mamiya RB67. Cinestill 800

uncertain paths ahead

Un bello instante congelado para toda una eternidad si así lo deseas 🌻

A city is a theater #leica   #portra400vc  

"Maybe millions of people go by But they all disappear from view And I only have eyes for you" - The Flamingos

"Asuntos Domésticos". Retratos de Lago Posadas, es un proyecto fotográfico (en proceso) que pone en diálogo al autor con su gente, y de este modo encontrar el sentido de habitar un lugar. "Domestic Affairs". Portraits of Lago Posadas, is a photographic project (in process) that puts the author in dialogue with his people, and in this way find the sense of inhabiting a place. . . . . . #rentalmag   #fotografiaartistica   #instagood   #photography   #arte   #art   #minimalzine   #photographycollage   #artphotography   #taintedmag  


On film #leica   #portra160  

↠ I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door ↞

Lots of right angles but did I take the right angle?

Incredible sculptures! These buildings were all cut and made out of paper by @littlerayofsunflower and were inspired by Mexican architecture! Photos by @leocroma

anywhere but here


coucher de soleil caniculaire

“My horse broke down.”

How is everyone doing these days?

Yes, New Mexico can be green. ⛰🌿💦

Pentax me Super / 50mm f/1.7 / Ektar 100

@palominocimino and Scout.

Offerings on the Christ child. Chimayo NM.