Do you want a with your partner?, my superlative book, "How to have dream -sure-shot golden ideas" will take your relationship to a higher ground and can be bought on . For US readers-

Stop chasing people ✋ & do something so big with your life that the other person starts chasing you

One Night Stands to Relationships When people go on a first date, they might be looking for a . This can depend on free will and on what happens once you have ..

Who do you give more time? SM or Parents / Grandparents? Do you make them 👆 smile like this 👇?

Rebuilding Trust in Your If you lied to someone you are with, you will find fast that it is a regrettable situation. You will realize that trust is the foundation ..

All blessings come from God through human to human. Got the Rhema?

Such a weird ending to the school year but I got to see all my kiddos one last time from a distance. Already miss you all!

The research of Dr Shohei Ebe and Takashi Ano from Kindai University into the between a microbe and rice husk suggest the latter is an activator of beneficial that can be used to combat microorganisms.

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