Taking Care of Your Home ⠀ It is always wonderful to have your own home, especially when it comes to a large private house. However, when you decide to buy a house, consider the way it is built and the quality of construction materials. If it is not your area of expertise, consult a specialist. ⠀ The better the house is built, the less problems you are likely to have in the future. The same applies to the adjoining territory. ⠀ Even though the house is strong and well-built, its operation depends entirely on its inside and outside maintenance. Of course, this is not an easy task in the modern living tempo. Anyway, it is necessary to devote a couple of days in spring and fall for maintenance and repairs to ensure comfortable and safe living. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ Photo: https://cutt.ly/kesHXei ⠀ #remaxcanada   #remax   #davidsoberano   #realestatetoronto   #realestateagenttoronto   #realty  

Toronto is The Best City to Invest in ⠀ According to the PwC research, Toronto has become the most promising area for real estate investment. This is due to the growing migration, in particular, into the GTA, resulting in high demand for housing. ⠀ The Toronto construction sector is on track to record its tenth straight year of growth leading to the city’s stable economic growth. ⠀ Experts also note the effects of demographic shifts. Millennials have begun to compete with baby boomers for real estate, and over the next decade, almost 700,000 first-time buyers are likely to target the GTA market. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #torontoinvestments  

Best Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas ⠀ Each family in Canada decorates its home for Thanksgiving. Traditionally, people choose natural materials symbolizing bountiful harvest and the arrival of autumn. ⠀ The most popular decoration is a bright paper or fabric garland, where family members write something they are thankful for in their lives. The garland can be used on a fireplace, over a door frame or on the dining room wall. ⠀ Thanksgiving wreath is one of the main holiday decorations. It is usually made of pine branches, leaves or dry spikelets. It is more than just decor: hanging a wreath over your door implies protection over your home. ⠀ Light up your Thanksgiving table with creative candles that will add comfort and coziness to your home. ⠀ Happy Thanksgiving to you! ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ #remaxcanada   #remax   #davidsoberano   #realestatetoronto   #realestateagenttoronto   #realty   #thanksgivingday  

10 Traditional Foods for a True Thanksgiving Meal ⠀ The Thanksgiving holiday is a day when we can remember all the things we take for granted on other days, and are thankful for them. ⠀ Thanksgiving is also a day when we eat a lot of food, so we’re going to look at the 10 most common foods to eat on Thanksgiving. ⠀ There’s no better way to feel great about the things you have than to eat lots of good food with friends and family! ⠀ Here 10 foods that should be on your list for a true thanksgiving meal: ⠀ 1. Turkey. 2. Stuffing/Dressing. 3. Mashed Potatoes. 4. Gravy. 5. Cranberry Sauce. 6. Corn. 7. Green Bean Casserole. 8. Candied Yams. 9. Pumpkin Pie. 10. Pecan Pie. ⠀ Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving! ⠀ Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/eepdJnP ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #thanksgiving  

💎 321 Davenport — a collection of signature penthouse homes nestled in the calm between Yorkville and The Annex: ⠀ ✔️A mid-rise condo development with nine storeys and 23 residential units ✔️Excellent investment opportunity ✔️Designed to push the limits of luxury ✔️An incredible portrait of modern sophistication ✔️In the middle of the Annex neighborhood ✔️Close to parks such as Boulton Drive Parkette, Dupont Parkette, and Glen Edith Parkette ⠀ Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #propertyforsale  

The best places to buy the pre-construction condo ⠀ One of the most important factors in buying an investment property is its location. When choosing a house in an area with the pre-existing infrastructure, you can only rely on increasing market prices. ⠀ On the other hand, if you decide to buy a house where the major infrastructure projects are scheduled for completion within the next few years: office centers, parks, subway, shopping areas, hospitals, universities, etc., the general market price increase will inevitably be accompanied with the particular area price increase, which, sometimes, is even more significant. ⠀ When choosing location, you need to analyze deeply city development plan for the next 5-7 years. This helps you to make the right choice. ⠀ Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #preconstructiontoronto  

Toronto average home prices rose to about $900,000 ⠀ The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) says annual home sales in the Greater Toronto Area hit the ceiling of the year — 5,8 per cent in September 2019. ⠀ According to the TREB, the price of a detached home in the city of Toronto rose to $1,360,623, and in the Greater Toronto, a detached house was sold for an average of $946,256. ⠀ Most first-time homebuyers look for the detached houses for their families. And if you are thinking of purchasing real estate, it is the right time to act! ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ #remaxcanada   #remax   #davidsoberano   #realestatetoronto   #realestateagenttoronto   #realty  

Tips for Arranging Your Furniture ⠀ Think about how you move about the space and the overall flow of the room. Here are some rules of thumb: ⠀ It’s a good idea to maintain enough space around doorways and entrances. To keep the space feeling open and comfortable, allow for about three feet of walking space along traffic paths. This will help prevent you and your guests from bumping into furniture or walls. ⠀ Think about where you first want your eye to land as you look around the room. Traditionally, fireplaces or televisions serve as focal points, but sometimes a large window or even a piece of statement wall art can serve that purpose. ⠀ Many rooms have multiple focal points, such as a fireplace and a large window, and lend themselves to multiple options. Switch it up to keep things interesting. If you have the space, consider rearranging the room to face the fireplace during winter and your gorgeous view during the summer. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/jeiPl0W ⠀ #remaxcanada   #remax   #davidsoberano   #realestatetoronto   #realestateagenttoronto   #realty  

Tips for choosing the home that’s right for you ⠀ Budget ⠀ Buying a home is exciting. It’s also a big financial commitment. Before you start looking at houses, set a budget and stick to it. ⠀ Location ⠀ Before you begin looking for a home, take some time to think about the type of environment you want to live in (City, Suburbs, Rural) ⠀ Neighborhood ⠀ Picked your environment? It’s time to narrow your search to a few neighborhoods you’d be happy living in: safety, school district, activities (parks, playgrounds, pools), convenience (drive time). ⠀ Can’t find what you’re looking for in your price range? A good real estate agent can help you determine whether your wish list is realistic. ⠀ Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/feiPych ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax  

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JUST LISTED: Philthy Philly's - CheeseSteaks & Poutinerie Listed for 285k Stockyard Village - St. Clair & Old Weston Road Very well established in a Stockyards Village Shopping Plaza. Busy location surrounded by big box stores like Walmart, Rona, Canadian Tire, Restaurants and much more....Best Buy and Marshals is opening soon just behind the store. Very Modern & Contemporary Decor and Clean Environment and lots of free parking. High Sales that can grow & improve much more with an Owner Operator. Low Rent & Long Lease. Please call me for more details - 647 909 0057 #businessforsale   #businessforsalemarketplace   #fastfood   #fastfoodlife   #restaurantsforsale   #toronto   #businessesforsale   #commercialrealestate   #commercialrealtor   #realtorsofinstagram   #investinbusiness   #investingtips   #realestateagent   #realestateblog   #steaksandwich   #realestateporn   #realtorlife   #businessopportunity   #turnkeyprojects   #realestateagenttoronto  

Millennials are buying more houses than usual in Toronto right now. ⠀ Things look great in the long term for young Torontonians on the real estate market. ⠀ There's also the fact that millennials are aging. This generation includes anyone born between 1980 and 2000. This means that the oldest of the millennials are now approaching 40. ⠀ Thus, their salary, purchasing power and requirements at this point make them able to qualify for a detached or semi-detached house. ⠀ Besides, real estate sales in Toronto increased largely over the summer. Prices that have been frozen for more than two years started to rise as well, which made people consider urgent home purchase before it gets even more expensive. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax  

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your House and Garden ⠀ Of course, fall in our country inevitably brings cold weather. But fall gardens remain cozy and attractive. Only their palette changes. ⠀ Here are some ideas for your garden and home decoration. ⠀ Fall is a great time for creativity. You can always find natural materials for decoration in the garden — fresh and dried flowers, herbs, decorative rods, branches, and leaves. The fruits and berries — small and large, — are the major fall accessories. ⠀ A pumpkin is perhaps the brightest fall symbol. It’s not only good for cooking but it is perfect as a piece of decor. ⠀ Kitchen utensils, watering cans, wicker baskets, pots, carts and stylized wells are perfect for creativity. Create and enjoy changing colors. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ #remaxcanada   #remax   #davidsoberano   #realestatetoronto   #realestateagenttoronto   #realty   #decorationsideas  

🌇 The Saint Condos is a new condo currently in pre-construction at 89 Church Street in Toronto. ⠀ 🌆 45-storeys with a blend of stylish condominiums and thoughtfully designed wellness experiences. ⠀ 📍 Steps away from the subway, a quick trip from the financial district and close by to Ryerson University. ⠀ 🌳Neighbourhood: St. Lawrence Market and the Eaton Centre. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #propertyforsale  

realtorhumor This is probably the best part of being a real estate agent. The all day driving from place to place. 😂 Have an Amazing Saturday! #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #torontorealestate   #torontorealestatemarket   #torontorealestateagent  

7 Important Toronto Real Estate Statistics ⠀ 77,435 – the number of people that moved to Toronto between July 2017 and July 2018. ⠀ 88% – the proportion of GTA markets that saw an increase in detached home sales. ⠀ 10.1% – the slice of total market share captured by Halton Region. ⠀ 76.2% – the increase in detached sales seen in some Scarborough neighbourhoods. ⠀ 1.75% – the Bank of Canada’s key overnight interest rate. ⠀ $789,000 – the proposed threshold for Toronto homebuyers to qualify for the FTHBI. ⠀ 2% – the forecasted average price increase for Toronto homes in 2019. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/ieuioiN #remaxcanada   #remax   #davidsoberano   #realestatetoronto   #realestateagenttoronto   #realty  

Apartment VS Condo Rent ⠀ What’s the difference? ⠀ Apartment complexes usually have one owner. Everyone will have essentially the same leases, and the same rules apply throughout the building. ⠀ Each individual condo usually has a different owner. This gives you a lot more freedoms, since not everyone has to be held to all the same rules, and you can look around until you find an owner willing to rent to you that’s more permissive. ⠀ Apartment complexes will typically have a staff on hand to deal with maintenance. Many even have a 24 hour emergency on-call maintenance, in case your heat goes out or you have a water leak. ⠀ If something breaks at your rental condo, you have to call the owner directly. If he or she isn’t naturally handy, he will have to call an outside vendor. Then you have to be home when the vendor arrives to do the work so there is scheduling involved. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/8euiRfa ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #condorent  

A tip from Sam Wadhwa that can help you to invest smart. Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #realestatecanada   #investments  

⚜️Charisma 2 Condos South Tower – Vaughan’s hottest new residence. ⠀ ⭐️Situated steps to the ultra luxurious Vaughan Mills Mall and overlooking a picturesque 1.6 acre park. ⠀ ⭐️ Offering 500-2000 square feet of living space from the mid $400’s including parking. ⠀ ⭐️5 Minutes from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Go Train&Quick Access to Highway 400 and 407. ⠀ ⭐️ Walking Distance to Canada’s Wonderland&Close to Many Great Schools. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #propertyforsale  

Apartment in New Construction Homes – advantages and benefits ⠀ Investments in new construction homes are becoming popular with every day. ⠀ Great reasons to invest in new homes ⠀ The construction investment saves you money since the cost of the project home is much lower compared to an apartment in an already constructed buildings. ⠀ When building your home, you can always agree on a convenient redevelopment. But when you opt to redesign the existing home, you will be required to receive an authority approval for every step in the construction. ⠀ When buying an apartment at the construction stage, think of the investment return you may get selling it after the house starts operating. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax  

Staircase Design: Ideas for Your House ⠀ If you live or plan to purchase a two- or three-story house, mind the staircase, since it is one of the core interior design aspects that often becomes the center of your attention. ⠀ The staircase style considerably depends on the house decoration. The classical design envisages expensive high-quality materials. Refined elegance of natural wood carvings and luxurious forging give the house interior a special touch of coziness, comfort and tranquility. ⠀ If you prefer a minimal interior design, then a transparent glass handrail for the staircase will be the best solution. ⠀ If you’re truly a fan of the modern hi-tech style and enjoy the coldness of chrome, the staircase handrail made of this glossy metal will be a perfect choice. ⠀ A staircase made of natural materials will complement the eco-friendly design. Be careful to use only wooden elements for your staircase. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 #remaxcanada   #remax   #davidsoberano   #realestatetoronto   #RealEstateAgentToronto   #realty  

Advantages of selling a house in the fall ⠀ It’s common knowledge that spring is the peak real estate season and the best time of year to sell a house. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell (and make a profit) during other times of the year, including the fall. ⠀ Advantages of selling a house in the fall ⠀ • Serious buyers are motivated to purchase quickly, before the busy holiday season and bad weather set in. ⠀ • The seasonal atmosphere makes your home feel warm and welcoming. ⠀ • It’s a misconception that the vast majority of buyers are shopping to fit their kids’ school year schedules. In fact, more than half of buyers don’t have kids under 18 at home, so the fall is as good a time as any. ⠀ • In early fall, it’s typically light enough to do weeknight showings, in addition to weekend open houses. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/Aer9XrC Photo: https://cutt.ly/wer3tq4 #DavidSoberano   #soberano   #realestatetoronto   #RealEstateAgentToronto   #realty  

The Pre-Construction Condo Phase ⠀ The pre-construction phase is a popular time to buy a new home or condo, for a number of reasons. Usually at this stage in the game, the home builder offers more competitive pricing to raise the funds needed to get shovels in the ground faster. ⠀ This is also the time for buyers to get their choice of lot, floor and exposure, as well as customize their home to their personal preferences. ⠀ The lower price and greater choice afforded by the pre-construction phase is certainly a big selling point, especially in Toronto's hot housing market. ⠀ Advice to prospective homebuyers is simple: research your builder. Read and understand the disclosure statement, the proposed condominium documents and the proposed budget statement. ⠀ Finally, remember that you have a 10-day cooling off period during which you should consult your lawyer. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/FetiOJS ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #preconstructiontoronto  

JUST LISTED 78 Somerset Avenue. RENOVATORS TAKE NOTE ... Large Detached 2 Storey in high demand Wychwood Area. $949,900. Come take a look. Call The Dream Team today 416-930-6958. #homesforsale   #realtor   #soldoverasking   #sold   #torontohomes   #northyork   #toronto   #vaughan   #realestateagent   #realestatevaughan   #realestateagenttoronto   #toronto  

📍 Greenwich Village Towns In North York ⠀ 🔵 Closely knit community of 153 towns and stacked towns. ⠀ 🌳Numerous parks surround Greenwich Village, with Balmoral Park and Banting Park both just 10 minutes away. 🔹 The new TTC subway extension means the community is more interconnected than ever! 🔹 Vibrant and energetic, the west side of the city is undergoing an exciting transformation. ⠀ 🌳Underground parking, 🌳large backyards, 🌳balconies and rooftop terraces to enjoy the fresh air. ⠀ 📞 Call our team now for more info 647-459-5804 ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #greenwichvillage  

Toronto Remains The Most Expensive City In Canada For Rent ⠀ Toronto is bursting at the seams. Ranked the number one city for population growth in North America, it should come as no surprise that people are struggling to find affordable housing. ⠀ A new report by Rentals.ca confirms what Torontonians already know: this city is expensive. ⠀ Toronto won top spot as the priciest city for renters and these monthly rates continue to rise. ⠀ Currently Toronto tenants pay, on average, 42 per cent of their monthly income towards rent. That’s the highest among the most competitive markets in Canada. For residents under 30 years of age, that number jumps up to 49 per cent. ⠀ It is a great time to invest in real estate! ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/Mw75qa6 ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #realestatecanada   #rentintoronto  

🏙 THE FOREST HILL CONDOS 📍 Will be located at 859 Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto. ⠀ ✅ Direct Connection to the Subway ✅ 11,500 square feet of amenity space split between indoor space and outdoor space. ✅ Underground parking garage housing 242 spaces for vehicles and 276 bike spaces. ⠀ The neighbourhood: ✔elementary and secondary schools, ✔community centres ✔proximity to a lush ravine system. ⠀ 🔸 One of Toronto’s wealthiest, most prestigious and affluent neighbourhoods. 🔸 The community stretches to Chaplin Crescent to the north, Avenue Road to the east, St. Clair Avenue to the south, and Bathurst Street to the west. ⠀ 📞 Call our team now for more info 647-459-5804 ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #foresthill   #propertyforsale  

The First Time Home Buyer Incentive took effect on Sept. 2, 2019. ⠀ What exactly is the First Time Home Buyer Incentive? ⠀ The First Time Home Buyer Incentive is a shared-equity mortgage aimed at middle-class first-time homebuyers, designed to lower their monthly mortgage payments without increasing the amount they need to save for a down payment. ⠀ For buyers who qualify, the government puts up five per cent of the price of a resale home, or either five or 10 per cent of the price of a newly constructed home. The incentive is a second mortgage on the title of the property, but no regular principal payments are required. ⠀ The loan is interest free, and it can be repaid at any time without incurring penalties. ⠀ The First Time Home Buyer Incentive is aimed at helping middle-class homebuyers who need a boost. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/Iw8kMzb Photo: https://cutt.ly/Zw45BYa #remaxcanada   #remax   #davidsoberano   #realestatetoronto   #RealEstateAgentToronto   #realty  

Fall Real Estate Market ⠀ Canadian homebuyers seem to be getting used to the new mortgage rules, and there have been some important changes at the federal level that are expected to impact homebuyers and in turn, home sellers: ⠀ • The mortgage stress test qualification bar was recently lowered from 5.34 to 5.19 per cent, increasing purchasing power – albeit only slightly. ⠀ • The First Time Home Buyer Incentive (FTHBI) took effect on September 2, whereby eligible first-timers can get a shared-equity government loan to help with the down payment. ⠀ • The Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) withdrawal limit was increased from $25,000 to $35,000, toward the purchase of a first home. ⠀ • Rumours of interest rate drops are circulating. The Bank of Canada’s interest rate announcements are a trending topic worth watching every six weeks. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/6w8xo2z Photo: https://cutt.ly/1w45FTU ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #realestatecanada  

The Dream Team had the pleasure of visiting their lovely clients Susanna & Julias today. They are so happy with the sale and purchase of their new home. 100% satisfaction guaranteed when you call The Dream Team. #homesforsale   #realtor   #soldoverasking   #sold   #torontohomes   #northyork   #toronto   #vaughan   #realestateagent   #realestatevaughan   #realestateagenttoronto   #toronto  

Order 1 intro and get 1. 4K version 2. HD 1080p Version 3. A FREE outro 4. A relooped version 4 your FB dan page . DM us your logo or place order on our Fiverr account here . . Logo Animations, Yea or Nay I honestly don't feel it's my place to suggest that using a logo animation to brand your video content is the right thing to do. Every online business, niche, audience, and entrepreneur is different. I've decided to expound on the reasons why some entrepreneurs, bloggers, vloggers choose to use a logo animation for their video content. It's best that you draw your own conclusions and decide which is the best path to take for your video content & online business. #x1kcommercials  

JUST LISTED 21 Austrey Court $899,900. Call us for more details. 416-930-6958. The Dream Team is always working for you. #homesforsale   #realtor   #soldoverasking   #sold   #torontohomes   #northyork   #toronto   #vaughan   #realestateagent   #realestatevaughan   #realestateagenttoronto   #toronto  

Rising Toronto home prices ⠀ The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is raising its annual home price and sales forecast for the year, due in part to the rising fortunes of Ontario’s housing markets, including the Toronto region. ⠀ The association predicts prices will rise a slight 0.5 per cent in Canada this year — up from its June forecast of a 0.6 per cent decline. ⠀ It also expects a 5 per cent increase in home sales from the five-year low last year, to 482,000 transactions compared to CREA’s June prediction of a 1.2 per cent gain or 463,000 sales. ⠀ Toronto region home sales jumped 13 per cent year over year in August with a 4.9 per cent benchmark price increase to $802,400. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/2wM80h9 #DavidSoberano   #soberano   #realestatetoronto   #RealEstateAgentToronto   #realty  

Toronto’s Condo Boom ⠀ Everywhere you turn, it seems as though there’s a new condo building popping up. ⠀ That’s a testament to the sky-high prices of traditional detached and townhomes, as more and more buyers are seeking out lower-cost housing opportunities. And condos typically fit the bill. ⠀ Even though the prices for single-family homes have settled down, they’re still extremely high relative to other markets across the nation. At a median home price of $850,400 in Toronto, that price is still out of range for many buyers, especially first-timers. And even though the price of condos isn’t exactly cheap, there’s still plenty of savings that can be realized with the purchase of a condo. ⠀ Investors are playing a key role in the rise of condo development. With an increased demand for such investments, developers have an easy time finding buyers who purchase during the pre-construction phase and either rent or flip as soon as construction is complete. ⠀ The healthy rental market is also helping to keep the condo development industry healthy. Right now, the demand for rental units is high among those who are either unable to secure a mortgage for a home purchase or prefer the flexibility and freedom that comes with renting. ⠀ And with mortgage stress tests making it even more difficult to get approved for a mortgage, renting continues to be the best – and often only – option for Torontonians. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/nwM4SI8 ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #torontocondo  

What Is Driving Toronto Real Estate Prices? ⠀ The real estate sector can be a real mystery. Prices drive ever higher, drop, and then get back to soaring again with no apparent reason. Or is there a reason? ⠀ Upward Momentum ⠀ According to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), over half of their districts report upward momentum in average price thanks to single-detached home sales. ⠀ Good Old 905 ⠀ The greatest increases were seen in the 905 area. The report indicates all 30 905 neighbourhoods saw an increase in both home-buying activity and rising sales of detached homes. ⠀ Back on Track ⠀ Torontonian detached homeowners can let out a sigh of relief as detached housing has found its way back on track. Year-to-date increases in sales are almost 17% ahead of last year. ⠀ Greater Affordability ⠀ First-time and trade-up buyers are choosing to secure prime Toronto real estate before values are on the move again, especially in light of the stress test. ⠀ So, it’s hats off to the detached housing segment as the key factor for what is driving Toronto real estate prices! ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/twZLS9Q ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax  

JUST LEASED .. 167 Veneto Drive WOODBRIDGE. Looking for a rental property ? No problem contact the Dream Team and we can help you. #homesforsale   #realtor   #soldoverasking   #sold   #torontohomes   #northyork   #toronto   #vaughan   #realestateagent   #realestatevaughan   #realestateagenttoronto   #toronto  

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5 Reasons to Start House Hunting in Fall ⠀ More Motivated Sellers ⠀ Most sellers list a house in spring or summer when real estate season is at its peak. If their home is on the market in fall or winter, however, chances are the sellers will be eager to close. ⠀ More Time to Think ⠀ Take full advantage of the slower pace to do more comparison shopping and to mull your decision more carefully. ⠀ More Favorable Rates ⠀ Mortgage brokers and bankers have business lulls and holiday bills too — and they may be willing to cut a slightly better deal in order to get the deal done. ⠀ More Flexibility on Moving Dates ⠀ When you’re not in a heated contest against other buyers, you gain power in all kinds of areas — so if you need an earlier or later closing date, go ahead and ask. ⠀ More Handy Types Available ⠀ It’s the sleepy season for movers, house painters, and contractors, so you’re apt to get faster response times, more attention, and better prices. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/HwJk9aH #soberano   #RealEstateAgentToronto   #davidsoberano   #realestatetoronto   #realty  

Costly Mistakes Home Buyers Make ⠀ Pooh-Poohing Preapproval ⠀ Nothing’s as disheartening as finding the house you want, only to learn you can’t afford it. So before perusing properties, check your credit report and clean up any disputes you find. Then, gather your paperwork (pay stubs, and bank and brokerage statements) and get preapproved by a qualified mortgage lender. ⠀ Neglecting Neighborhood Research ⠀ If you have kids, investigate the school district and playgrounds; if you rely on public transportation, find out what’s available; if you’re a foodie, take a stroll through the grocery stores. As you’ll most likely be hitting open houses during the daytime, visit the neighborhood in the evening to confirm that it’s not too noisy and that you feel safe. ⠀ Being Unclear About What You "Want" and "Need" ⠀ Nobody’s perfect, and that applies to houses too. If you expect to find a place that satisfies every item on your wish list, you’ll be searching for a long time! Talk frankly with your family to decide what you absolutely must have — enough bedrooms for your brood, say, or adequate closet space. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/IwJl7dP ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax  

Five Things to Look For in Your Commercial Real Estate Agreement ⠀ If you’re starting a business and need commercial space or if you’ve outgrown the space you are in, then it’s critical that you consider several factors before you sign your lease. ⠀ • Key Lease Clauses ⠀ • Rent and Related Costs ⠀ • Insurance ⠀ • Modifications and Improvements ⠀ • Disputes ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/8wHBs5a ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #commercialrealestatetoronto  

What are the risks of selling a home yourself? ⠀ The decision to sell your home yourself does sound appealing, but many people who choose this option do not take into consideration all of the risks involved before making their final decision. ⠀ Below are five questions you need to ask before you decide to sell your home yourself: ⠀ 1. Is there enough time in the day? 2. How well do you know the market? 3. Can you get the exposure you need? 4. Have you practiced your negotiation skills? 5. Do you understand your legal responsibilities? ⠀ If you answered no to any of these questions, or are unsure of the answers, it is wise to consider speaking to an agent to discuss how they can assist you in selling your home, and further showcase the benefits of using an agent. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/QwHV6Dd #DavidSoberano   #bathurststreet   #ontariorealestate   #ontariorealtor   #RealEstateAgentToronto   #remax   #remaxcanada  

Toronto is a Good Investment Choice ⠀ The real estate market in Toronto should be looked at as a long-term investment. It provides a tangible asset, compared to something such as stocks. ⠀ When the real estate market takes a few dips here and there, it’s just a matter of time before it begins to climb again. ⠀ As long as you have good advice from a real estate agent on where to buy properties in Toronto with the best potential for earnings and fair market value, real estate offers a low-risk, high-return option. As well, should you choose to rent your property, you generate cash flow when someone else pays your mortgage. ⠀ Real estate investments are also the only investment you don’t have to pay in full upfront. ⠀ You can put down a reasonable down payment and still build equity. This can lead to investment in further properties as you can leverage your equity and borrow up to 80% of your property’s current value. These loans come at a low interest rate and can be accessed via a Home Equity Line of Credit. ⠀ For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/ywFBNx5 #ontariorealestate   #DavidSoberano   #RealEstateAgentToronto   #realestatetoronto  

Pre-construction condo amenities sweeping Toronto's fall market ⠀ Autumn is the real estate industry’s second-busiest time of the year and the pre-construction condo market is replete with an interesting suite of amenities. ⠀ A lot of amenity spaces include mental wellbeing by having yoga studios and state-of-the-art gyms, but also massage rooms, saunas, wet and dry steams. ⠀ Amenities also extend beyond the walls of the building itself. In Toronto, not only has public art become as intrinsic to condo developments as their fitness rooms, so have lavish lobbies, libraries, wine rooms and capacious pools. ⠀ For example, Distrikt Trailside Condos is a great option for investors who are looking to increase their revenue. Distrikt Trailside Condos is within walking distance of the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex equipped with four rinks for both competitive and recreational hockey as well as skating lessons. In addition, the famous Glen Abbey Golf Course is also a short drive away from Distrikt Trailside Condos. ⠀ Want to know more? Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/iwFNiZ ⠀ #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #torontocondos  

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Reasons Canada's apartment building owners are happy ⠀ Canada’s rental apartment building market is the strongest it’s ever been — especially from the perspective of apartment building owners. ⠀ Buildings are practically full across the country, rental rates are at or near 10-year highs in nearly every market, and average national rents have climbed 4.4 per cent annually over the last two years, according to a new report by commercial property brokerage house CBRE. ⠀ This rapid rise of rental rates is earning more money for building owners. Total annualized returns for the Canadian multifamily sector were 9.8 per cent as of the first quarter of this year, just behind the industrial sector. ⠀ Investors are lining up to get into the market in most cities. ⠀ Apartments are traditionally viewed as stable and defensive assets to own. ⠀ Here are three other main drivers that will continue to stoke demand for apartment buildings in Canada. ⠀ Population growth ⠀ Canada’s population is expected to grow by nearly one per cent annually over the next four years, surpassing growth in all other G7 countries. ⠀ Shortage of new supply ⠀ Canada’s big cities are not building enough new rental apartments to keep up with demand, when compared to global peers. ⠀ Rising cost of home ownership ⠀ An expanding proportion of Canada’s big-city dwellers can’t afford to buy a home. ⠀ This factor, above all others, is probably having the greatest effect on stoking apartment rental prices, while spurring investors to buy buildings. ⠀ Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/RwFgHWv #samtherealtyman   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #canadaapartment   #torontorentals  

Mortgage stress test rules get more lenient for first time Posted mortgage rates in Canada have inched lower, so stress test benchmark has followed suit. For the first time since the government implemented new stress test rules on Canadian home loans, the bar has been lowered — meaning a would-be homebuyer could be approved for a bigger mortgage today than they would have yesterday. The so-called stress test, formally in place since January 2018, is a financial bar that any Canadian looking to take out a mortgage must pass to be approved for one. Regardless of what deals they may have been offered by a lender in the real world, for regulators to sign off on the loan, the borrower's finances must be tested as though their mortgage rate is at a higher level. The idea is to save borrowers from biting off more debt than they can chew and ensure they have some financial wiggle room if rates rise. The stress-test level is set at either two percentage points above the actual mortgage rate or whatever the average five-year posted rate is at Canada's big banks, as calculated by the Bank of Canada — whichever is higher. That bank rate hasn't changed since May 2018, when it rose to 5.34 per cent. But this week, it inched down to 5.19 per cent, the first time it has decreased in almost three years. For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 Reference: https://cutt.ly/4wFiEv5 #RealEstateAgentToronto   #DavidSoberano   #ontario   #ontariorealestate   #ontariorealtor  

Inspection of the house before buying Inspection of the house before buying is an opportunity to evaluate all the pros and cons of real estate, identify shortcomings or, with a clear conscience, make a decision. To get started, evaluate the place as a whole, look at the design, consider the plot of land, study the layout of the house. Do not forget to inspect the attic, because there may be some flaws. For example, the roof may leak or be unevenly laid. Look at the drainage system - the presence of smudges should make you put a couple of questions to the owner. Once inside the house, ask to turn on everything: electricity, heating, water and so on. Any failure to turn on any of the systems should alert you. Investigate if the walls are properly erected and the flooring laid. This is a litmus test of construction quality in general. Get to know or just watch the neighbors - you have to live with these people side by side, make sure that you have the common values. For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 #remax   #RealEstateAgentToronto   #realestatetoronto   #davidsoberano  

Canadians continue to invest in real estate ⠀ The real estate market in Canada has shown a revival and price increase. ⠀ For example: this summer in Toronto and Vancouver sales increased by almost 25%. These megacities are already on the list of the most expensive cities in the world. ⠀ Despite real estate prices peaking, demand and value continue to rise, while Toronto and Vancouver are among the world's most expensive cities. ⠀ On Monday, September 2, a program called First-Time Home Buyer Incentive (FTHBI) was run in Canada. The program intends to make it easier for young people to buy their first home by lowering their monthly mortgage payments. ⠀ What is this talking about? The fact that the demand for condominiums (definitely, such housing is most often chosen by young people) will grow, and the purchase of such an object will be an excellent investment for its owner. ⠀ Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. #samtherealtyman   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #torontocondos  

Some Toronto homes and condos double in price in 5 years ⠀ If you already own a home or condominium in Toronto, it continues to be a great investment. ⠀ A new survey found that homes in two neighbourhoods and in eight condos have increased by more than 100 per cent in five years. ⠀ The survey by real estate website used data from the Toronto Real Estate Board to check how much how much prices have gone up between July 2014 and July 2019. Toronto house prices in 2014 were on average just over $821,198, and now the average price is $1,167,968. That’s an increase of 42 per cent. ⠀ As detached and semi-detached homes become out of reach for many home buyers, the condo market continues to be a hot spot for Toronto real estate. Condo prices five years ago were on average were $379,002. ⠀ The average across the city this year is $627,927, an increase of 66 per cent. ⠀ With real estate, it's all about location. House prices more than doubled in the neighbourhoods of Forest Hill, Oakwood Village, Regent Park, St. James Town and Corktown. Condo prices increased in eight zones across the city, including West Hill, Centennial Scarborough, Scarborough Village, Guildwood and Malvern Rouge. ⠀ Condos in Toronto’s downtown core and those close to public transit were the most sought after with prices between $500,000 and $700,000. ⠀ Call us at +1 416-617-7690 and we will do our best to help you. ⠀ Reference: https://cutt.ly/FwRT9W4 #SamTheRealtyMan   #realestateagenttoronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #torontocondos  

The Toronto Real Estate Board says home sales in the Greater Toronto Area in August were up 13.4 per cent compared with a year ago. The board say there were 7,711 home sales through its MLS system in August, up from 6,797 sales reported in August 2018. On a month-over-month basis, seasonally adjusted sales were up 0.8 per cent. The increase in sales came as the MLS home price index composite benchmark for August rose 4.9 per cent on a year-over-year basis. The average selling price was $792,611 in August, up 3.6 per cent compared with a year ago. The board noted that market conditions were tighter in August compared with a year ago as overall active listings at the end of the month were down by more than 11 per cent compared with August 2018. For any question, please call or text me: +1 (416) 830-7740 Reference: https://cutt.ly/TwRQeof #DavidSoberano   #RealEstateAgentToronto   #realestatetoronto   #remax   #greatertorontoarea  

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