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I played sea of thieves for first time yesterday with some friends, 12 hours in fact. So much that I’ve replaced my car with a boat and only pay with gold and if you’re not with me it’s a mutiny! Yargh!

Found throughout and but becoming increasingly . A Grizzled Skipper enjoying wild strawberry this afternoon in .

BIGBANG - V.I.P SEAT SWAROVSKI NECKLACE JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014 X 2015 thankersssss po! 🙏🏻💯👍🏻

I do my makeup once every 6 months so I took some selfies 🤘🏼💀☀️

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Perfect Dark! (June 30th for us in Europe) Were you able to unlock all of its difficulties and cheats back then?

If you see me live please ignore it as I am testing a few things out for tonight’s stream at 10PM BST!

If nobody got my back I know my girl 🗣 do !

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