Insights about and the from a photographer on the front lines of planetary destruction. Mother Earth is sending us a wake up call. ⁦⁩ ⁦

Indahnya pemandangan Raja Ampat di Papua Barat.. Ada yang sudah pernah datant ke destinasi unggulan pariwisata Indonesia ini?? Alhamdulillah mimin belum kesampean..heheh Foto: @felikseptianpranata

Pasti banyak orang kangen liburan. Mimim juga kangen banyak tamu diHamuEco. Semoga lekas hilang covid 19 dinegeri ini. Foto by oceanic.brooke @…

No ? Razorfish (or Shrimpfish) get their name from their characteristic sharp-edged belly. They swim in groups with their heads down in a synchronised fashion - when one turns they all turn!

Anybody still outside their home? The Tail-Spot Blenny is usually found in shallow reef rubble, grazing for small zooplankton and algae. The fish's defining feature is the dark spot at the base of its tail.

Mangrove Diving and Snorkelling around Pulau Pef. Pulau Pef is covered in mangroves reaching down to the water's edge in many places. Enjoy a little bit of soothing comfort in these insecure times!

Ngajak istri gw hooneymoon kepantai gara-gara ini wabah jadi tertunda

Please don't visit now. Governments ask that you do not come, villages are isolating, foreign visitors are being refused boarding on flights to Papua and West Papua. Have a paid booking? > Need assistance to evacuate? >

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