Decision time- stick with abusive vodacom data network- or be member.

Driving in the : 1-Do not use cruise control. 2-Hold onto the steering wheel firmly. 3-Ensure your wipers are functioning 4-Keep your tyres properly inflated. 5-Effective brake is important. 6-Keep a safe distance from other vehicles. 7-Put on your headlights.

South Korean superstar Rain posted a photo on his Instagram, teasing fans that he will be doing track collaboration with the hottest label in K-hiphop, H1GHRMUSIC. The track is set to release on June 2. Are you ready to see the hottest collab in June?

What a wicked looking upper low, yet again in AB. Well into spring storm season here! &

Some good In Auckland over the long weekend.

Finally, Lahore gets its share from the 'stormy' . lovely weather.

JPX respects the community.鉁Take care of the holder. People all over the world are brothers and sisters. Overcome language barriers and boundaries, get together and revitalize your community. JPX is listed in CoinGecko馃惛 Discord

when a storm and rain comes, my body and my mind recharge...

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