Neither your political affiliation nor your vote can determine or change your personal identity, whether sexual or racial. No one can take it away. Don't let others use your identity to coerce you to support their agenda; they only see you as a political pawn.

Four of them corner him. Quiet soft spoken boy with hair longer than "acceptable." Plan to punish him, beat him, for being . Have no idea what is going on with the boy, don't know his real orientation, or that he is a black belt. Discover it's a bad idea.

“She has a way of doing things,” he said, watching her string fairy lights around a stump. “No one will see them.” “Depends who you define as no one.” She added tiny cakes then skipped inside. “She has a generous spirit. If others find her odd it's their loss.”

They said she was . They said it was because she’d lay on the ground in the dark stretching the tip of her tongue to try to touch the stars. And because she wore her clothes back to front. And her shoes left on right. I knew it was really because she loved me.

I feel strange, a little . There’s something wrong with my beer. There is a fly swimming crawl. Cross the top of the foam. So, I think I’ll go home.

The minutiae of the moment seemed to stall in Sun ray bans Their eyes met,explored She kept brushing a sanded baby butt, he looked for his girls return with snacks. Different times,events wrenched his chest, as her mind drifted thru the waves.

I work in Advanced robotics & always found the AI Their eyes lacked soul When my husband cheated on me I sat alone Crying In my cubicle The AI saw Stepped in It's touch Of soft, warm silk Comforted me The intelligence may be artificial But the compassion Is real

I paused at the door to my son's bedroom and took a deep breath. He was face down on the bed, face buried in the pillow as he cried. "Wanna talk about it?" He lifted his face, tears flowing. "They called me ." "Alex, you are who you were meant to be. Just be you."

Thank you for all your words, the ones you lay for May, for the church, the bees, for being skint, the ubuntu unbunted by me, for the transfer of invention, orenda & quisling, I have enjoyed every one, especially this little one. I'm reminded of being me

Hanging With TheHatter— We meet A girl named Alice Says she ended Here When she drank Of a chalice Thinking She’s been Roofied But won’t say it Cuz I’m nice We hide her From a RedQueen Intent To take a slice But Alice Isn’t having it— She’s spoiling For a fight

A kindling notion Sacrificed In a folk horror sort of way I don't know where I'm going In this world In this... You're looking at me And I don't care And it means the world You're talking to me And I'm not listening But I'm falling in love with your heart

My first time in space and I was super excited. I was going to be the first human to board the new space station. But as I approached it, I experienced a sensation. Wasn't it supposed to be empty?

"Hey, would you like to go for dinner sometime?" Carl asked Bob. "Sure, as in a date?" Bob replied. Carl nodded. "Pick you up at 8?" Carl nodded. "See you then!" Carl beamed. "Why did those guys call me earlier? Nothing odd happened at all."

The beer tasted The wine tasted fine I drank from each cup Just a wee kinky sup Felt dizzy & wild Giggled & smiled Danced Entranced Held court So I thought Told stories Fought Tories Sold Jesus & God For an old fishing rod Threw up, in a cup Of queer beer.

When the boy he bullied killed himself, he avoided the guilt. “I just scratched ‘’ into his locker. Not my fault he couldn’t take a joke.” Only 25 years later, when he saw the same homophobic insult on his crying son’s social media wall, did he get it.

"A smiling pussycat? My aunt had one of those." "He didn't just smile. He spoke." Alice sips her tea. "Not unlike your lion friend." "So you've had a life too, huh?" Dorothy puts her hand on Alice's. "We've got something in common." "Curiouser and curiouser."

Last night a writer, who does VSS365 and followed me, replied to a couple of my Tweets with some pithy comments then blocked me before I had time to react to her. I've blocked her now (she joins a very small and select band). She's definitely a one.

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