Why can't you just advertise your product instead of (excuse the pun) sucking the dick of activism? 🤨 I'm not interested in the position of a corporation on politics, I want to know if your teeth rotting sweet product tastes good. 😂

YES. “”has been co-opted by establishment &smeared by the right in clear attempt to keep people divided. True can stubbornly keep using it but are pigeonholing themselves by doing so,&will not reach enough ppl to bring about real change.

What has he done? Run against female candidates? Allegedly said that would use a female candidate’s gender against them? He’s repeatedly shown that he’s one of the most US politicians.

Think it’s hilarious how so many think racism is cute. But if someone said the same shit about you, you’d screen shot it and make it go viral 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 fighting racism with more racism is a bull shit logic but none of yall will admit that. How are you really

I never ever thought Goldberg was conservative. He's a . Looks like one of those gnomes people collect and put in their yards.

Great work return in new way and try to utter pradesh convert in to sarvottam pradesh india india

"What about Anna?" The shitlib grasper who practically gave head to fucking Maddy Albright in a one on one interview? Yeah, what about her you fucking numpty....

As with 's fake endorsement of agenda, never made an effort on issues when times was ripe for success, unless the effort was setup to fail in how it was undertaken.

The people are disrupting our social media sites all weekend. We’ve had to ban a few and we don’t even ban MAGA. means progress in the most basic sense, if you’re not focusing all your efforts on stopping Republicans, we can’t help you 🇺🇸💙✌️

Catch Dr Prabhleen Singh, President of Young Progressive Sikh Forum in discussion with Harpreet Sahni on PTC news 5pm to 8pm 23 May 2020 talking about the Youth of Punjab.

and think they are creative and make world better? I can tell you Chairman Mao already tried this approach to eliminate college entry exam, and use recommendation instead in 1970s. The result is corruption. Students had to bribe to get into college.

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